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Zapisnik 12. redne konvencije [Proceedings of the 12th regular convention]
Yugoslav exhibit
Yugoslav exhibit
Yugoslav exhibit
Youth circle of the national Slovak society
Youth circle
Young women's group
Young women's group
Young woman in dress
Young Hmong woman
Yarusso family
Yao woman and two children
World War Two posters
Worldlings dance
Worldlings club outing
Worldlings Club inaugural ball
World Doll collection
Workshop in international relations
Work peoples college
Workers' mural at Ellis Island
Workers hall choir
Workers hall actors
Wood working at FinnFest USA '97
Women selling fried rice
Women's committee board
Women's bowling team
Women pallbearers
Women on the steps of the International Institute
Women in Greek ethnic costumes
Women in ethnic Hungarian costumes
Women cooking
Women at an International Institute
Women and children
Woman with Russian dolls
Woman using a loom
Woman seated in a chair
Woman playing the accordian
Woman on staircase
Woman in traditional Finnish costume at FinnFest USA '88
Woman in a field
Woman in a cemetery
Woman holding a sombrero
Woman at the Japanese YWCA
Woman and child
Wisla club
Winter scene on Mount Lebanon, with cedars
Winter scene on Mount Lebanon, with cedars
Window arches
William Syrjala with his violin
William Syrjala with his violin
Wide view of Ban Vinai
Wide view of a camp
Wider shot of the flea market
Whispering secrets
Wedding portrait
Wedding party
Water tanks
War bond drive
Waiting room
Waiting in line
Vsedelnicky kalendar [All-workers annual]
V putach rodnej zeme [In the bonds of the native land]
Vlasta Vraz with a group of women
Virginia athletic group
View of Tripoli, Lebanon
View of the immigration office
View of the camp
View of mountains with air strip in foothills
View of Kafarshima, a village in Lebanon
View of Beirut with Mount Sannin in the background
View of Ban Vinai
View of Balabakk, Lebanon
View of Acre (Akko), Israel
View of Acre (Akko), Israel
View of a camp
Vietnamese social gathering
Victory party for war chest drive
Victory parade in Boston, Massachusetts.
Vaba Eesti sona [Free Estonian word]
Unser Tsait
Unpaved road and Hmong houses
Union of catholic women in America parade float
Union of catholic women in America
UNICO convention booklet
Ukrains'kyi pravoslavnyi kalendar
Ukrainian Women's Society
Ukrainian sisterhood
Ukrainian peasant man sitting under tree
Ukrainian peasant children
Ukrainiann cook book
Ukrainian folk dancing
Ukrainian folk dancer
Ukrainian folk dancer
Ukrainian folk ballet
Ukrainian exhibit
Ukrainian Easter egg decorating