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1925 Earl Ferris Nursery, Hampton, Iowa
1925 Feb Seed Sense (vol.13#1)
1925 Mar/April Seed Sense (V.13#2)
A.A. Berry Seed Co. Garden, Flower, Field Seeds, 1925
Annual Catalog of Small Fruit Plants for 1925
Berry Plant Sales Book, 1925
Breck's Complete Catalogue for 1925
Breck's Concise Catalogue, 1925
Breck's Summer Catalog for 1925
Campbell Printing Company, 1925 Book of the Orchard Lawn and Garden
Celery City Nurseries Catalog, 1925
Dixon's Wholesale Price List for Spring 1925
Earl May Seed & Nursery L.P., May's hardy perennials: Spring 1925
Everitt's OK™ Seed Store 43rd Annual Catalogue 1925
Fall 1925 Wholesale Price List
Frank W. Campbell Choice Iris, Spring 1925
Fry Brothers Nursery Co. 1925 Catalog
Galloway Bros. & Co.,, 1925 Spring & Summer Catalog
Henry Field Seed Co. 1925 Seed Book
Henry Field Seed Co. Fall 1925 Catalog