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Association Men, January 1925
Association Men, July 1925
Boys Wrestling
Camp Wo Fu San, 1925
Camp Wo Fu San, 1925
Chief Pace Holds Outdoor Council
Dr. Herbert S. Gott
Eastern District YMCA youth party, Brooklyn, New York
L. K. Hall
Paul B. Anderson sitting at desk
Peking Demonstration for students and public after the May 30th incident.
Peking Student Parade after Shanghai Shooting, May 30, 1925
Regulations for 1925 National Essay Contest for Students
Shanghai Incident, 1925
Sign on a Peking wall after Shanghai shooting, 1925
Sign on a Peking wall after the May 30, 1925 shooting.
S. Krause and A. De Bois
The Shanghai Incident (May 30, 1925), portrayed on a wall of Peking.
Tientsin YMCA - Camp Chefoo 1925
YMCA dancers with banner