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Detroit Marathon Spot
Sperry/Burroughs Name Change Ceremonies
J. Boyer Machine shop employees
American Arithmometer Company employees
Boyer Machine Company employees
Bookkeeping by hand
Burroughs competitor at the National Business Show
Construction using the "Kahn System" (Box 6)
Employees and family members
Factory foremen
Employees outside the Detroit factory
Concert band
Exterior of convention tents
Office with accouting machines
Accounting office
Drafting office
Excavation and demolition
Excavation for construction
Model No. 1 adding machine
Moving office furniture
Copyist Department
Japanese trade delegation
Nine column adding machine
Print shop
Basket ball team
British Burroughs machines
Factory interior
Machinists manufacturing screws
Manual adding machine paper carriage
Nottingham facility
Base ball team
Drawing of a typewriter-adder
Drawing of a typwriter-adder
Medical Department
Style No. 3 electric adding machine
Detroit street scene
Employee training
Typewriter-adder carriage
Typewriter-adder chassis, rocker arms, and shafts
Typewriter-adder chassis, rocker arms, and shafts
Typewriter-adder interior
Typewriter-adder interior
Typewriter-adder without case
Drawing of a pay envelope machine
Ledger box filing cabinet and bookkeeping machine
Pay envelope machine
Product development team
Satellite stand and bank subtractor machine
Salesman training class
Woman operating a class 7 machine
Duplex adding and listing machine
Electric light or gas billing machine
Machinists using drill presses
Medical Department
Electric adding machine
Electric adding machine paper carriage
Drawing of a card cutting and perforating device
Drawing of a card cutting and perforating device
Savannah branch employees
Wichita branch employees
Adding machine with fraction keys and attachments
Construction of Windsor plant
Construction of Windsor plant
Trade and retraining exhibition
Office with accouting machines
Trade show exhibition presentation
Drawing of the Detroit facility
Drawing of the Moon-Hopkins billing machine
Filing office and employees
Manufacturing the millionth machine
Manufacturing the millionth machine
Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition award
Manual portable adding machine
Cash register
Office with adding and listing machines
Office machines
Electric carriage typewriter
Short cut keyboard exhibition
Style No. 3 manual machine on a stand
Accounting work room
on Adding machines and calculators
"E" pennant
Assembly line for Adding machines and calculators
Assembly line for typewriter-Adding machines and calculators
Executives tour the heat treating department
Flint branch employees
International guests at the Detroit office
International guests tour the Detroit facility
Lease Committee members
Pierce, E. M. and A. F. Liska
Spalthoff, A. E. and Rex Rathbun
Tax Accounting machines
Tessman, Emil
Adding and billing machine
Assembly line for Accounting machines
Assembly line for Adding machines and calculators
Basic Accounting Machine School instructors
Blankenchip receiving his All Star Life Member pin
Burroughs student