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Red pine regeration after fire in Carlton County, Minnesota
Cloquet Forest Reserve
A group of Norway pine seed trees
A Heavy Stand located at or near Camp 8, 1910
Burn from fire started by Northern Pacific Railroad
Dillon Tierney on Bob the Station horse at Blair Field
Fire break with brush piled for burning
Headquarters, Winter 1910-11
Loading in Pot Hole, 1910
Logging camp eight on forest in 1910
Mixed age classes of Norway pine
Norway pine on Hogback
Road which kept fire out of young Norway pine
Sweetfern ground cover
Temporary work camp at Blair Field, 1910
The First Headquarters in 1910
Underbrush kept down by fire in Norway pine stand
Cloquet Forest Experiment Station
Norway [pine] reproduction taken in 1912
Reggie Vibert homestead on esker, view north towards present day fire tower site
Cloquet Forest Cover Type Map
Collection of cover type maps for the original parcels of the University of Minnesota Cloquet Forest Experiment Station ca. 1914
Cover map for University of Minnesota Cloquet Forest Experiment Station based upon Cruise of 1914
Original office building, constructed 1915, removed to build new office ca. 1934
Assistant's cottage nearly completed, 1917, view northeast
Nursery operations; packaging pine seedlings for transport, 1917 or earlier (loose photos)
Nursery operations; replanting pine seedlings, 1917 or earlier (loose photo)
Nursery operations, seedling boxes, 1917 or earlier (loose photo)
Tray of white pine cones, 1917 or earlier
Unknown nursery infrastructure and unknown person, 1917 or earlier (loose photo)
View of old barn now replaced by modern structure, 1917 or earlier
View of the Bunk House, also called the Boar's Nest, 1917 or earlier.
Water tower (center) and foreman's cottage (left), 1917 or earlier.
White pine cones in drying trays; original seed extraction plant, 1917 or earlier
White pine cones opened after drying on trays, 1917 or earlier
Automba built right to edge of brush.
Burnt Woods.
Burnt Woods and Pine broken by wind west of Moose Lake.
Death Curve. 1 1/2 miles south Kettle River. Remains of four found in left hand car. Two others wrecked here.
Destroyed woods south of Automba.
Destroyed woods south of Automba.
East of Automba.
East of Automba
East of Automba -- 80 people quartered here -- outbuildings burned.
East of Automba - abandoned autos.
Farmstead west Moose Lake. Nothing else burned within 1/2 mile
Farmstead west Moose Lake. Starting reconstruction. Free stock escaped.
Farmstead west Moose Lake. Starting reconstruction. Free stock escaped.
Finest white pine stand around Moose Lake.
Home of Dodge, banker, Moose Lake.
Kettle River.
Moose Lake.
Moose Lake
Moose Lake
Near Pine County Line, Green Pine blown own.
Popple woods burned between Automba and Moose Lake
School house saved near Pine Co. line in middle of fire
South Automba - trees stripped - field part burned - man burned in barb wire fence.
View of the city of Cloquet after the fire of 1918.
Wind blown big white pine.
Colonists digging a drainage ditch, Sweden
Crown park forest scene, Sweden
Crown park road construction, Sweden
Sawmill operation in Crown park, Sweden
Colonist road in Metseken Crown park, Sweden
Family standing outside of log cabin, Sweden
Man standing next to partly constructed log home, Sweden
Men standing near colony farmhouse  in Ö.-W. Jörnsmarkens Crown park, Sweden
Outhouse building construction at Djupsjö Crown park, Sweden
Strip clear cut, Sweden
Family standing outside farmhouse , Sweden
Freshly dug drainage ditch in Crown park, Sweden
Horse and carriages on bridged river crossing, Sweden
Man standing next to dovetail log structure, Sweden
Thick brush at Plot 113. General view along draw from fire break east of plot, NE-SE, Section 32, Township 49N, Range 17W
Foreman's Cottage, Forest Reserve, Cloquet, Minnesota
Forest Reserve, Cloquet, Minnesota
Home of Assistant Superintendent, Forest Reserve, Cloquet, Minnesota
Home of G.H. Wiggen, Forest Reserve, Cloquet, Minnesota
Norway Pines, Forest Reserve, Cloquet, Minnesota
Office of Forest Reserve, Cloquet, Minnesota
Pine Forest, Iverson Road, Cloquet, Minnesota
View of the city of Cloquet taken in 1923.
Young Pine Trees in Forest Reserve, Cloquet, Minnesota
Assistant's Cottage, July 1924, view north (duplicate image)
Bird's-eye view of the Forest nursery and the cut-over and burned-over area east of Otter Creek
Cloquet Forest Map
Faculty club house constructed 1917, burned and rebuilt 1932 (twin images)
Foreman's Cottage, July 1924
Office building, June 1924
Office building (negative)
Office of the Cloquet Forest Experiment Station
Office of the Cloquet Forest Experiment Station (duplicate image)
Office of the Cloquet Forest Experiment Station (negative)