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Unitarian Church, Geneseo, Illinois
Farm Scene
Deer in River
American Merganser
Bagged Wood Ducks
Black-bellied Plover, Fall Plumage
Blue-winged Teal
Canvasbacks on Waves
December: Male Mallard in Snow
Golden Plovers
Green-winged Teal
Green-winged Teal
Gulls Feeding on Waves
March: Pintail Flock on Flooded Field
May: Pair of Blue-winged Teal Landing
October: Two Mallard Pairs in Wild Rice
Pair of Mallard Ducks
Prairie Chicken
Ruffed Grouse in Birch Forest
September: Female Mallard at Night
Sora Rail
The Canada Goose
The Horned Grebe
The Shoveller
Whistle-wings [Goldeneyes]
White-fronted Geese
Canada Geese in Cornfield
Duck Hunter in Boat with Decoys
Jaques Family Log Cabin
Night on the Roseau, three pages
Hooded Mergansers
Wood Ducks
Lone Wolf
World War I Scrapbook
Gate at Saint-Émilion, France
Saint-Émilion, France
Wigeons with Cattails
With Canoe and Paddle
Bald Eagle
Winter Wooded Stream
Wooded Hillside
Canvasback Female
Canvasback Wings, Feet, and Bill
Ring Bill Male
Wing and Bill of Greater Snow Goose
Birds: 1) Phoethornis longirostris; 2) Therulania colombica; Mot-mots; Little Blue Heron
Birds: 1) Pitylus; 2) Lathria; 3) Trogonurus curucui; 4) Sporophila aurita; 5) Apparently a thrush-ground; 6) Red at x; Toucans
Oil and Pencil Sketch, Plants
Pencil Sketches of 29 Birds
Peruvian Shoreline
Seed of Small Palm Tree and Small Palm Tree
Small Palm and Wild Fig
Strangler Fig, Monstera, Vines
Tree Sketches
Tropical Plant
Tropical Plant
Tropical Plant Leaves
Tropical Plant Leaves
Tropical Plant Leaves
Tropical Plant Leaves
Tropical Plants and Vines
Tropical Tree
Tropical Tree
Tropical Tree with Vine Attached
Tropical Tree with Vines Attached
Tropical Vine
White Hawk, Screaming Hawk, Mexican Cormorant
Notes on Color, Santa Rosa Island, Peru
Shark: With all Measurements Included
Arctic, Cape Prince of Wales from the South End of Little Diomede
Arctic Mountains and Water
Arctic Panorama, Part 1
Arctic Panorama, Part 2
Arctic Panorama, Part 3
Cliff Faces
Dwarf Willow at Salmon Creek
Eiders Offshore
Fairway Rock from Little Diomede and Cape Prince of Wales
Herald Island from the Eastward
Long-Tailed Duck, Male, Underside of Wing
Pacific and King Eiders
Study for Leopard Diorama
White Swans over the Tundra
Brown Pelican