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(1) Energies and residues of manifolds and configuration saces of polygons
2 Case Studies
2 Case Studies
2D Materials, from Excitons to Elephants
(2) Energy of knots and regularization of divergent integrals
2 Industrial Case Studies
3D Image Acquisition and Image Analysis Algorithms
3D Models from Image Sequences
3D Optics
3D Segmentation in Tomography
(3) Hadamard regularization and regularization via analytic continuation
3 Industrial Case Studies
(4) How to define energies and residues of manifolds (From analysis to geometry)
4 Mathematical Program Case Studies
4ti2 -- A Software Package for Algebraic, Geometric and Combinatorial Problems on Linear Spaces
(5) Mobius invariant metric on the knot space
A Bayesian Imputation Approach to Optimizing Dynamic Treatment Regimes
A Big Data System for Things that Move
Ab initio molecular dynamics via the Car-Parrinello method: Basic ideas, theory, and algorithms
Ab initio path-integrals and specific applications of the Car-Parrinello approach to problems of aqueous ion solvation and transport