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Act Up Rally in Mora, MN; Agr. Engr. Dept. 44
Allan Spear, Brian Coyle, Karen Clark (9-F-1-2F)
Brian Coyle on Closing the Minneapolis Bath Houses
Coming Out Stories
Gay Political Action
Goodtimes Softball League
Imru Aircheck End of Jim Kepner Speech "Living our Lesbian and Gay Heritage"
Interview with Moonrabbit; Musical Performance Patty Kakac
Jim 'n' Jean
Kepner Interview in California
Main Conference Meeting - Minnesota Committee For Gay Rights
March on Washington Master Tape #1 Full
Minneapolis Cruising Ordinance
Pacifica's "Remembering Stonewall", 1989-06-09
"The March" (Take Back the Night)
Various Content: Protests, Speeches, etc.