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An Appeal : by the joint board... : to trade unionists : who are ex-non-commissioned officers of any branch of his m
Boys and girls! : you can help your Uncle Sam win the war : save your quarters : buy war savings stamps
Enlistment in the regular army. : change of conditions for infantry of the line. : till further orders: : height --
Enlistment in the regular army. : height now reduced to normal standard for infantry of the line. : conditions till
G. R. : offer your services : now : our brave soldiers at the front need your help
G. R. : the new armies : more men are needed at once : complete the second half-million and ensure success abroad an
G. R. : "we want more men" : another half million : urgently needed : join to-day
If the cap fits : you : join the army : to-day.
Men wanted for the Army : apply at : U.S. recruiting station 1345 Arch St., Phila., PA. : recruiting station
November, 1914. : Britain's new million army : complete the second half million. : to-day there are upwards of 500,0
"Punch," November 11, 1914. : "a glorious example." : able-bodied civilian (to territorial). : "that ought to give y
"Punch," October 21, 1914. : the greater game : Mr. Punch (to professional association player). : "no doubt you can
"Punch," September 2, 1914. : to arms! : recruiting-sergeant punch. : "now, my lads, your country wants you. who's f
"This is not the time to play games" : (Lord Roberts) : rugby union footballers are doing their duty : over 900 have
U.S. Marines : first to hoist Old Glory on foreign soil : join them for overseas duty : enlist at location left bla
U.S. Marines : "soldiers of the sea" : for full information apply : recruiting station : 41 Washington Avenue, So.,
We're both needed to serve the guns! : fill up the ranks! : pile up the munitions!
Will they never come? : reprinted from "The Weekly Dispatch" (November 22nd, 1914)
$100,000 "Sun" Tobacco Fund : we did our "bit" to reach the first one hundred thousand mark -- now we are going to h
#1 for 15'6 : If you cannot fight -- lend your money : go to the post office to-day