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Alaskan Brown Bear
Bald Eagle
Basswood Lodge
Black Ducks
Box of Postcards
Box with Image on Lid: King and Virginia Rail
Box with Image on Lid: Ruffed Grouse
Canada Jack
Canadian Geese in Flight
Chickadees on a Christmas Wreath
Deer and Pines
Dwarf Willow
Exhilaration on the Trail
Flying Squirrels
Gate at Saint-Émilion, France
Group of Five Cards
Gull over Beach
Jaques Family Log Cabin
Lone Wolf
Mallard at Midnight
Moose in Swamp
Nesting Birds
Pair of Bluebirds
Pair of Evening Grosbeaks
Peruvian Bird Group #8
Peruvian Bird Group #9
Peruvian Gannet
Peruvian Shoreline
Playing Cards in Box
Puma and Pelican
Purple Swamp
Ring-necked Pheasants
Rock Cliffs
Rock Cliffs
Rockwork Cliffs
Saint-Émilion, France
Sunday on the Wannigan (Basswood Lodge)
The Hay Barn
The Paddle
Timberline Group
Tropical Orioles
Wild Turkey
Winter Deer in Pines
Winter Wooded Stream
Wood Ducks
Wooded Hillside