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After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
A Jewish Boy at Zeilsheim
A Jewish Orphan cared for by a German Nun
Allied Bombing
Altar Boys
April 19, 1943: The Day the Gods Went to Lunch and Never Came Back
Arbeit Macht Frei From Inside Out
Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Makes You Free)
Art Class
Artist Working
Arts and Crafts in the Third Reich
Auschwitz Tower
Baking Bread
Bette Mittleman - Silence is Golden
Bombed Church
Boy and Infant: World War II :Lost Children
Camp Firefighters
Catholic Priest on the Train
Chief Wahoo
Children Issued Shoes
Children Playing
Children's Exercise Class
Clothing Distribution
Cod-Liver Oil Time
Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
Daily Bread Supply
Darkness U.S.A.
Der Totentanz or The Blue Rain
Destruction of Crematorium # 2
Deutsche Kammermusik
Director Fiorello LaGuardia with Children
Displaced Woman from Belorussia
Doctor and Nurse Examine Boy
Doctor Helps with a Lie
Doctor Hong Tuan
Dora Zaidenweber
Edith Goodman
Ein Deutsches Wiegenlied: A German Lullaby
Eleanor Roosevelt Greeted by Displaced Persons's
Eleanor Roosevelt Visiting Zeilsheim Jewish Displaced Persons Camp
Electric Fence
Family Room
Father's Barber Shop
Fred Amram
Fritz Hirschberger
Front Entrance to Crematorium at Concentration Camp at Dachau