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The Village of Khandoo, Himalaya Mountains
Atlas of South India : in eighteen sheets, from Cape Comorin to the River Kistnah :
Jumma Masjid, - Mandoo
Pulo Penang
Mah Chung Keow, - Canton.
Thubare: A Small Harbour on the Arabian Coast, Upper Part of the Red Sea.
The Cave of Karli
Hindoo Temple at Chandangoan
Jahara Baug, - Agra
Borro Boedoor
Futtypore Sicri
View near Kursalee
Beloochees Professionally Employed
City of Umritsir.
Deenbur, A Siah-Posh Kaffir.
Dost Mahomed Khan, Ex-Chief of Cabool, - in March, 1841.
Front of the Rao's Palace at Mandivee.
Hyat Cafila Bashee
Peeroz, A Jokeea Soldier.
Son of the Hindoo Governor of Dera.
View of Cabool, from the East.
A Booteah Servant
A Dufflah, A Dufflah Chief's Widow, A Dufflah Chief.
An Assamese Gentleman; A Meree Woman.
Angamee Naga Warrior.
Bufalo Shooting in Assam.
Buffalo Heads in Assam.
Cheegee Kuppachor Akha, Brother of the Tagee Rajah; Kuppachor Akha, Tagee Rajah.
Cheringtanjing, Booteah Rajah; Gelae, Booteah Rajah.
Garrow Warrior
General Map of Assam
General Map of Assam
Naga Mode of Disposing the Dead on a Bier or Platform.
Omanund Island Opposite Gowahatty
The British Residency at Hyderabad
Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet.
Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet.
Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet.
Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet.
Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet.
Diary of a pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet.
Diary of a pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet.
A Suttee
Rameswur, - Caves of Ellora
Skeleton Group in the Rameswur, Caves of Ellora
Excavated Temple of Kylas, - Caves of Ellora
View of Sassoor, in the Deccan.
Hindoo and Mahomedan Buildings
Akbar Shah 2nd Emperor of Delhi.
Car Nicobar
S.Lat: 27 degree - W-Long: 19 degree.
The journals of Archibald Swinton
Grass Rope Bridge at Teree, - Gurwall
Kooner Pafs [sic.] Neilgherri Mountains.
Peer Putteh Gate, Gawilghur.
An Ancient Hindoo Temple, in the Fort of Rotas, Bahar.
Dusasumade Gaut, at Bernares, on the Ganges.
Eastern Gate of the Jummah Musjid at Delhi.
Gate Leading to a Musjed, at Chunar Ghur.
Gate of the Tomb of the Emperor Akbar, At Secundra, near Agra.
Hindoo Temples at Agouree, on the River Soane, Bahar.
Hindoo Temples at Bindrabund on the River Jumna.
Mausoleum of Sultan Chunsero, near Allahabad.
Mausoleum of Sultan Purveiz, near Allahabad.
Near Currah, on the River Ganges.
North East View of the Costea Bhaug, On the River Jumna, Delhi.
N.W. View of Rotas Ghur, Bahar.
Part of the City of Patna, on the River Ganges.
Part of the Palace in the Fort of Allahabad
Raje Gaut, the Principal Road up to Rotas Ghur, Bahar
Ramnugur, Near Bernares, on the River Ganges.
Remains of an Ancient Building near Firoz Shah's Cotilla, Delhi
Ruins at the Ancient City of Gour Formerly on the Banks of the River Ganges
The Chalees Satoon in the Fort of Allahabad on the River Jumna
The Jummah Musjed, Delhi.
The Mausoleum of Mucdoom Shah Dowlut, at Moneah, on the River Soane.
The Sacred Tree of the Hindoos at Gyah, Bahar.
The Taje Mahel, at Agra.
The Western Entrance of Shere Shah's Fort, Delhi.
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The Cuttub Minar, Near Delhi
Nafsuk, on the Guadavery.
The Subas House, Boorhanpoor.
Ancient Gateway, Delhi.
Aboo's Tomb, Merat.
Baoli and remains of Jehangir's Palace, Delhi.
A Group of Thibet Tartars.
A Guard of the Rajah of Putteeala and Two of his Dwarfs.
A Hindoo Fakeer
A Little Mussulman Girl.
Annan Messee, a Converted Hindoo.
Attendants on [sic.] the Raja Khurruk Singh.
A Young Hill Raja.
A Young Native of Rank at Calcutta; One of the Students of the Hindu College.
A Zemindar or Farmer of the Upper Provinces and a Puthan, a Famous Wrestler.
Cheetas sent by the King of Oude to accompany the Governor General.