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2000 tons train of 40 tons goods wagons. GIP.
3rd class interior
A Bania in Ceremony dress
A Barkandaz
A Bazar scene
Abdool Kureem Shirazee
A Beggar woman and children, Bombay
A Bengalee Woman
A bookseller at Amritsar
Aboo's Tomb, Merat.
A Booteah Servant
A Bullock Bandy, Ceylon.
A bullock Shigram
A Bushwoman
A busy street in Delhi
A Chinese Junk, - Canton River.
A Coconut Tape [?], Madras
A colonade in the Temple of Dilwarra
Adansonia Digitata
A Dhurmsala Bene Mahadeo Chaut
A Dooraunee gentleman.
A Dooraunee villager with his arms.
A Dufflah, A Dufflah Chief's Widow, A Dufflah Chief.
Advance from Cawnpore of Windham's Division, to meet the Cwalior Army, November 26th 1859
A Fakir or Mendicant Priest, Bombay
A family group of Parsis, Bombay
Afhugan Foot Soliders in their Winter Dress.
A Gate of Amber Palace
A Gipsy [Gypsy] Dancing girl, Kathiawar
A Group of Thibet Tartars.
A Guard of the Rajah of Putteeala and Two of his Dwarfs.
A Happy Mother
A Hazaurch.
A Hindkee in the winter dress of Peshawer.
A Hindoo Fakeer
A Hindoo woman, Parbu caste, Bombay
A Hindu cemetery
A Kaffir Warrior
A Kandian Lady
Akbar Shah 2nd Emperor of Delhi.
Akbar's Tomb, - Secundra
Akbar's tomb, Secundra [Sikandra]
Akbar's tomb, Sikandarah, India (Kohinoor was once set in pillar beyond kneeling man)
A Khawtee, Ghiljie in his summer dress.
A Khojeh of Uzbek Tartary.