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The Plymouth Hymnal For the Church the Social Meeting and the Home
Vestry harmonies: a collection of hymns and tunes for all occasions of social worship
5000 musical terms ; a complete dictionary of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and such other words, phrases, abbreviations, and signs as are to be found in the works of Auber, Beethoven, Bertini ... and other eminent musical composers
Alexander's Hymns No.3
Union prayer meeting hymns.
Songs of Zion enlarged : a manual of the best and most popular hymns and tunes, for social and private devotion.
Services for congregational worship
Koral-bok med den fullständiga Svenska messan : den Svenska Psalmboken af år 1819
Lutherförbundets Sångbok
Sunday School Book : containing liturgy and hymns for the sunday School
The Luther League Hymn Book
The Book of Worship. Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. With music.
The book of worship psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, with music
Hymns that every child should know a selection of the best hymns of all nations for young people
Baker's American school music book : containing a thorough elementary system, with songs, chants, and hymns; adapted to the use of common schools
Heavenly carols for the sabbath-school, praise-service, prayer-meeting, etc.
Fellowship hymns
Songs for the school : sacred and secular
Songs for the school : sacred and secular
The school hymn and tune book for devotional exercises
The school harp : a collection of pleasing and instructive songs : music and words, original and selected : designed for the of schools and singing classes
A manual of plain song for the offices of the American church
Golden grain
Guitarr-klangen : en samling af lifliga sånger, satta med ackompagnemang för guitarr
Hymns of the heart : for public worship, evangelistic campaigns, prayer meetings, young people's services, etc.
Hymns for His praise
Hymns of faith and victory
Hymns of His grace. no. 1. : For the evangelist, church, Sunday school, and young people's society
The continental harmony : containing a number of anthems, fuges, and choruses, in several parts.
Gospel bells : a collection of new and popular songs for use of Sabbath schools and gospel meetings
Sacred praise : for use in gospel meetings, evangelistic services, Sunday schools, prayer meetings, and young peoples's societies
Graded songs for day schools. No. 3
Sabbath bells : for the Sunday-school, and for prayer, praise, and gospel meetings
Gospel hymns consolidated: embracing volumes no. 1, 2, 3 and 4, without duplicates, for use in gospel meetings and other religious services
Gospel hymns combined : embracing volumes no. 1, 2 and 3, as used in gospel meetings and other religious services.
Gospel songs : a choice collection of hymns and tunes, new and old, for gospel meetings, prayer meetings, Sunday schools, etc
The Charm : a collection of Sunday school music
Heiliges Lippen- und Herzens-Opfer einer gläubigen Seele, oder, Vollständiges Gesang-Buch
Bradbury's fresh laurels for the Sabbath school : a new and extensive collection of music and hymns prepared expressly for Sabbath schools, etc.
Bradbury's Golden chain of Sabbath school melodies: comprising a great variety of new music and hymns composed and written expressly for the Sabbath school ; together with many of the best of the well known Sabbath school pieces
Bradbury's golden shower and censer : two volumes in one for the Sabbath school
The Clariona : a collection of hymns and tunes for Sabbath schools
The key note : a collection of church and singing school music, consisting of new tunes and anthems for public and private worship, with a variety of light glee choruses for the singing school and for social use
The key note : a collection of church and singing school music, consisting of new tunes and anthems for public and private worship, with a variety of light glee choruses for the singing school and for social use
The new golden chain of sabbath school melodies : containing every piece (music and words), of the Golden chain, with about one-third additional
The shawm ; library of church music: embracing about one thousand pieces, consisting of psalm and hymn tunes adapted to every meter in use, anthems, chants and set pieces; to which is added an original cantata, entitled Daniel: or, The captivity and re...
The young melodist : a collection of social, moral and patriotic songs, designed for schools and academies
The new golden shower : containing the gems of ""The golden shower"", with about one-half additional (new) pieces, designed for Sunday schools, social, missionary and temperance meetings
The carol : a new and complete music book of instruction and practice, for schools, academies, and singing-classes ; new music, arranged in three and four parts ; thorough course of instruction and exercises in musical notation
Devotional hymn and tune book for social and public worship
Chirstmas Carols New And Old
The history and use of hymns and hymn-tunes : by the Rev. David R. Breed
Børnenes harpe: aandelige sange for søndagsskolen og hjemmet
Song-hymnal of praise and joy: a selection of spiritual songs, old and new
Song treasury
Horae diurnae Breviarii Romani, ex decreto sancti Concilii Tridentini restituti
Vesperale romanum : concinnatum ex editionibus typicis antiphonarii et breviarii Romani
Choice hymns, no. 1 : for use in the church, Sunday-school, young people's societies, etc. etc.
Songs of praise
The Chautauqua songs : for the use of members of the C.L.S.C
St. Olaf choir series
The Cathedral psalter
The hymnal companion to the book of common prayer
The Psalter : pointed and adapted to the ancient ecclesiastical chant, with the canticles, proper Psalms, and Creed of St. Athanasius
Spiritual songs
The popular hymnal; old standard hymns and popular gospel songs, for use in all departments of church, Sunday school and young people's work,
The herald
The new evangel
The little evangel
The Modern hymnal : standard hymns and gospel songs new and old, for general use in all church services
The sabbath school singing book : being a collection of rich and easy melodies for the use of sabbath schools and juvenile singing schools
Church and prayer meeting songs
The olive-branch : a collection of sacred music : to which is added music for the singing-school and instruction for the voice ...
Songs of salvation : as used by Crossley and Hunter in evangelistic meetings and adapted for the church, grave, school, choir & home
The Masonic harmonia: a collection of music original and selected for the use of the Masonic fraternity
Sangbog for Kirkekor : indeholdende Firstemmige Sange (For sopran, alt, tenor og bas) til brug ved den offentlige Gudstjeneste og andre kirkelige leiligheder
Sangbog for mandssangforeninger : indeholdende fædrelands- og folkesange etc., udsatte for fire mandsstemmer
Pentecostal hymns : a winnowed collection for evangelistic services, young people's societies and Sunday-schools
Pentecostal hymns. No. 2 ; a winnowed collection for evangelistic services, young people's societies, and Sunday schools
Pentecostal hymns nos. 1 and 2 combined
Pentecostal hymns : number three [-number four]; a winnowed collection for evangelistic services, young people's societies and Sunday schools
Pentecostal hymns, Nos. 5 & 6 combined : a winnowed collection for young people's societies, church prayer meetings, evangelistic services and Sunday schools
Songs of the Pilgrims
Songs of the kingdom: prepared for the use of young people's societies and adapted for prayer meetings, sunday schools and the home
The silver spray; a new and choice collection of popular Sabbath-school music, consisting of duets, quartets, chants, choruses, &c. adapted for anniversary meetings, Sabbath-school and temperance celebrations, home and social circle, etc.
The story of the carol
The high school music reader : for the use of mixed and boys' high schools
The bow of promise : hymns new and old for missionary and revival meetings and Sabbath schools
Merry chimes: a collection of songs, duets, trios, and sacred pieces, for juvenile classes, public schools, & seminaries. To which is prefixed complete elementary instructions, and attractive exercises
The golden wreath; a choice collection of favorite melodies, designed for the use of schools, seminaries, select classes, &c. Also, a complete course of elementary instructions, upon the Pastalozzian system, with numerous exercises for practice
Melodier till Hemlands-Sanger: samt Ahnfelts sanger
A hymnal
The book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
The church hymnal : revised and enlarged in accordance with the action of the general convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord 1892
The church hymnal: with canticles
The hymnal as authorized and approved for use by the General convention of the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States of America in the year of Our Lord MCMXVI
The hymnal of the church: as adopted by the general convention of the Protestant Eipiscopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and ninety-two, with music
The Mission hymnal
The Mission hymnal : as adopted by the General Convention at Cincinnati in the year of our Lord 1910 : with additional hymns and chants as authorized by the General Convention at New York in the year of our Lord 1913
Gesangbuch der Evangelischen Gemeinschaft für öffentlichen und häuslichen Gottesdienst