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Joseph and Michael Sanchelli, on Swede Hollow, Oct. 1995
Bruce Cutler, Poet, on Journalistic Subjectivity and the American 19th Century, 1996
Kristin Eide-Tollefson, Bookstore Owner, 1996
Mary Pauluk, Chaplain, on Moving Back to Rural Minnesota, 2002
Eugene McCarthy, Retired Senator, on Ethics and Government, 2003
Rosalie Wahl, MN Supreme Court Judge, on the War in Iraq, Mar. 2003
Burnham Terrell, Philosopher, on Moral Clarity, 2004
Burnham Terrell, Philosopher, on Moral Clarity, 2004
Mary Vaughan, Retired Teacher, on Prison, 2004
Mary Vaughan, Retired Teacher, on Prison, 2004
Peter Shea, Creator of the Bat of Minerva, on the Show, January 2005
Phil Guin, Pioneer of Philosophy for Children, Dec. 2005
Ron Reed, Pioneer of Philosophy for Children, Dec. 2005
Ann Waltner, Professor of History, on Spirituality in 16th Century China, May 2006
Armenian Genocide & Turkish Responsibility: Taner Akcam, Nov. 2006
Cletus Wessels, Dominican Priest, on the New Universe Story, 2006
Douglas Huff, Philosopher, Oct. 2006
Juanita Garciagodoy, Teacher, on the Day of the Dead
Kathy Kinzig, Environmental Educator, 2006
Lynn Lukkas, Professor of Art, on Time, September 2009
Madelon Sprengnether, Professor of English, on Forms and Films, November 2006
Madelon Sprengnether, Professor of English, on her Literary Foundations, September 2006
Native Human Rights & Survivance: Gerald Vizenor, Oct. 2006
Patrick Raines, Scientist, 2006
Shohini Ghosh, Filmmaker, on her Films, November 2006
William LaFleur, Professor of Japanese Studies, on Organ Donation, October 2006
Andrew Pask, Composer, on Performance, February 2007
Anselm Hollo, Poet and Translator, on his Life, March 2007
Brad Garton, Composer, on Models of Society, February 2007
Dan Burk, Professor of Law, on the Fallibility of Evidence, November 2007
Don Kemp, Teacher and Minister, Feb. 2007
Douglas Geers, Composer, on the Spark Festival, February 2007
Erik Olin Wright, Professor of Sociology, on Social Utopia, December 2007
Evan Solot, Composer, on his Music, February 2007
Geraldine Heng, Director of Medieval Studies, on King Arthur, November 2007
Global Justice & Human Rights Trials: Kathryn Sikkink, Jan. 2007
Gregory Taylor, Composer, on Javanese Gamelan, February 2007
Guerino Mazzola, Professor of Music, on Gesture, February 2007
Jan Estep, Professor of Art, on her Current Projects, November 2007
Jeff Halper, Anthropologist, on the Israel-Palestine conflict, March 2007
John Davis, Educational Administrator, on Education, May 2007
John Treat, Professor of East Asian Studies, on Nuclear Warfare, December 2007
Kairn Klieman, Professor of History, on Pre-colonial Africa, November 2007
Love & Kitsch (Q&A): Joshua Gunn, Oct. 2007
Marcus Nornes, Professor of Asian Cinema, on Japanese Documentary, November 2007
Marion Mahony: Elizabeth Birmingham, Oct. 2007
Michael Cherlin, Professor of Music Theory, on Creativity and Collaboration, March 2007
Morton Subotnick, Composer, on his Works, February 2007
Reggie Prim, Artist, on Civic Engagement, November 2007
Roger Hart, Professor of History, on Chinese Math, March 2007