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Dynamics of viscous shock waves. Lecture 1: Stability of viscous shock waves
Dynamics of viscous shock waves. Lecture 2: Verification of the Evans condition
Dynamics of viscous shock waves. Lecture 3: Conditional stability and bifurcation
Dynamics of viscous shock waves. Lecture 4: Multi-dimensional dynamics: flow in an infinite cylinder
Reconstruction of bacterial communities using sparse representation
Computational Methods for RNA Secondary Structure Determination
The Geometry of Color
Protein path sampling: Bring your algorithm and your model
Panel discussion
Waves, numerics, control, dispersion and dissipation
Another Look at DWD: Thrifty Algorithm and Bayes Risk Consistency in RHS
Lipschitz bounds for general convolutional neural networks
The INGenIOus Project
Simulating vesicle flows
Shape Tube Metric
Optimal Control of Fluid Transport Networks
Using RNA 3D Structure Data in SCFG/MRF Models to do Sequence Alignment and Motif Inference
Applications of Persistence
Principles of assessment
Exciton dissociation in solar cells
Performance of ray fins in fish locomotion
Local keynote lecture: Ways of Knowing in HCI
A Weak Convergence Approach to Inventory Control Using a Long-term Average Criterion
Geodesic Curvature Modulated Microdomain Formation in Lipid Membrane
Stopping Behaviors of Naive and Non-Committed Sophisticated Agents
Nonparaxial Near-Nondiffracting Acclerating Optical Beams
Cryo-Electron Microscopy Image Analysis with Multi-Frequency Vector Diffusion Maps
Semi-hyperbolic patches of solutions to two-dimensional compressible Euler systems
Orthogonal Space Sampling of Slow Environment Responses
The Green-Tao Theorem and a Relative Szemerédi Theorem
Fast Operator Splitting Algorithms for the Electrostatic Analysis of Solvated Biomolecules
Computation with Degree-Rips Bifiltrations
Random Periodic solutions of SDEs and SPDEs
A Direct Imaging Algorithm for Extended Targets Using Active Arrays
When Attention Meets Big Data and Deep Learning
Semi-parametric Dynamic Max-copula Model for Multivariate Time Series
American Option Pricing Models and Obstacle Problems
Remembering and forgetting in a disconnecting air bubble
Orthogonal Matrix Retrieval in Cryo-electron Microscopy
First-Order Algorithms
Semidefinite Programming
Seminar: Data Recovery, Information Revealing, Tensor Completion and Optimization
Tensor Low-Rank Completion and Invariance of the Tucker Core
Hierarchical deep generative networks for Bayesian inverse problems
C-learning: A New Classification Framework to Estimate Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes
Bezier Subdivision for Inverse Molecular Kinematics
Information Geometry: From Divergence Function to Metric, Equiaffine, Symplectic, and Kahler Structures on a Manifold
Unidirectional Forward Flight of a Flapping Wing
Martingale representation theorem for the G-expectation