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The Traveling Salesman Problem
Advances in Whole Genome Sequencing
After the Human Genome Project: Systems Biology and Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine
Math at Top Speed: Breaking Myths in the Drag Racing Folklore
Secrets of the Heart Revealed - by Mathematics and Computer Simulation
Behavioral Finance - The Closed End Fund Puzzle
Does Mathematics Rule the World?
Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order
The Marriage Equation: A Practical Theory for Predicting Divorce and a Scientifically-Based Marital Therapy
3D Optics
Active Learning vs. Compressed Sensing
Adaptive Manipulation of Objects in Hilbert Space via Strong Field Lasers
A Direct Imaging Algorithm for Extended Targets Using Active Arrays
Analysis of 'Wave-equation' Imaging of Reflection Seismic Data with Curvelets
Applications of Femtosecond Laser Pulse Shaping to Deep Tissue Imaging
Appraisal Analysis in Geophysical Inverse Problem: Tool for Image Interpretation and Survey Design
A Resolution Theory for Stable Imaging in Clutter
A Waveform Strategy for Detection of Targets in Multiplicative Clutter
Closing the Loop for ISP Using Performance Prediction
Compressive Imaging: A New Framework for Computational Image Processing
Compressive Optical Spectroscopy
Compressive Sampling
Computers and the Future of Mathematical Proof
Constrained Sensor Localization and My Wish List on Integrated Video Processing
Convergence of Products of Fourier Integral Operators to Solutions to First-order Pseudodifferential Wave Equations; Application to Seismic Imaging
Data Fusion and Multi-cue Data Matching Using Diffusion Maps
Dimensionality Reduction for Integrated Sensing and Processing
Does Math Matter to Brain Matter?
Drawing Power Law Networks Using a Local/Global Decomposition
Emerging Techniques for Solving NP-Complete Problems in Mathematics, Biology, Engineering ... and Physics
Estimating Mechanical Tissue Properties with Vibro-acoustography and Vibrometry
Imager Design Using Object Space Prior Knowledge
Imaging Brain Activity and Chemistry using High Magnetic Fields
Imaging Using Coherently and Diffusely Scattered Radiation
Imaging Without an Imaging System
Imaging with Wireless Sensor Networks
Integration of Intrinsic Geometries of Data into the Sensing and Processing Streams
Inversion of Autocorrelation Functions
Microwave Imaging of Airborne Targets
Model-Based Imaging and Feature Extraction for Synthetic Aperture Radar
Multiterminal Network Tomography
On the dynamics of interbed multiples
Radar Imaging from Multiply Scattered Waves
Shaping Light Waves in Three Dimensions for Integrated Computational Imaging
Shot-Geophone Migration for Seismic Data
Sparsity-driven Feature-enhanced Imaging
Target Detection Using Integrated Hyper Spectral Sensing and Processing
The Compressive Optical MONTAGE Photography Initiative
The Geometry of Color
The Insidious Effects of Fine-scale Heterogeneity in Reflection Seismology