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Armored train of the Czechoslovak Legion
Biwabik socialist hall
Crowd in front of church
Czechoslovak Legion troops enter Omsk
First holy communion class
First training school
Group of Czechoslovak Legion soldiers in front of YMCA hut in Cheliabinsk, Russia
Group of men in front of sausage factory
Group of soldiers in a large hall
Group of soldiers with guests at Christmas celebration
Group portrait of four YMCA secretaries standing in front of train car
Group portrait of participants in the Congress of Czechoslovak Legion in Omsk, Russia
Gymnastics group
Gymnastics group
Gymnastics group
Gymnastics group
Kenneth Dexter Miller with a group of Czechoslovak Legionnaires
Macsik, a nagyereju: regeny [Macsik, the great: a novel]
Out for a drive