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1730 New York, the English Colonial city
1825 State of Minnesota
1851 State of Minnesota
1860 State of Minnesota
1863 State of Minnesota
1904 war map of Japan, Korea and China
1917 general plan Minneapolis, Minnesota : showing complete street and park system
1924 road map of New Jersey
1925 First National touring map : state map of main highways and lakes of Minnesota
1929 Illinois : motor trails are calling
1929 Indiana : motor trails are calling
1929 official road map, Wisconsin
1929 Socony road map of New England
1940 atlas of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
50.000e - Souilly
50.000e - St. Mihiel
Abris der Gegend um Prag - und der am 6. May. 1757. daselbst vorgefallenen Schlacht
Accuratissima totius Asiae tabula : in omnes partes divisa, de nova correcta, ac in lucem edita
A chart of the coast of Pegu : with the adjacent coast of Arakan and Tanasserim
A chart of the coasts of Spain and Portugal, with the Balearic Islands, and part of the coast of Barbary
A chart of the east Indian Ocean : from Cape Guardefoy to Cochin on the coast of Malabar.
A chart of the Indian Ocean : improved from the chart of M. D'Apres De Mannevillette ; with the addition of a part of the Pacifi
A chart of the Northern part of the bay of Bengal
A chart of the northern part of the Bay of Bengal : between Point Palmiras and the Aracan shore
A Chronological chart of ancient, modern and Biblical history
A Chronological chart of ancient, modern and Biblical history
A Classification of Soils for Urban Purposes
A combined view of the principal mountains & rivers in the world : accompanied by a table shewing their relative heights & lengt
A compleat map of the East Indies : exhibiting the English territorial acquisitions
A complete set of surveys and plats of properties in the city of Minneapolis, Minn.
A correct chart of the German Ocean from the north of Scotland to the start point, on the coast of Great Britain ; and from So. Bygden on ye coast of Norway, to C. de la Hogue on ye coast of Normandy in France
A corrected chart of part of the Persian Gulph
A correct map of the United States of North America : including the British and Spanish territories carefully laid down agreeable to the treaty of 1784
A correct map of Virginia
A correct plan of the cities of London [and] Westminster [and] borough of Southwark : including the bills of mortality, with the additional buildings.
Acre map of Duluth-Superior
Ad antiquam Indiæ geographiam tabula : auctor d'Anville
A description of the Bay of Fundy : shewing y[e] coast, islands, harbours, creeks, coves, rocks & sholes, soundings & anchorings &c.
A description of the coast & city of Goa.
A diocesan map of the Church of England in Newfoundland and Labrador : showing the deaneries and missions
Administrative map of Yosemite National Park, California
Aerial map of Burma
Afghanistan und seine Nachbarländer
Afghanistan : with additions to railways up to March 1892.
Africa 1:125,000 : Transvaal
Africa 1:125,000 : Transvaal
Africa, according to Mr. D'Anville : with several additions & improvements, with a particular chart of the Gold Coast wherein ar