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Buy a Liberty Bond : help our boys at the front by joining the Patriotic Service League
Exposition des dons Americains 136, Avenue Champs -- Elysees...
Hermann Goring
Werktatige : bildet die proletarische Einheitsfront : Es sprechen: : ... Sozialistische Arbeiter--Partei : ... : Kom
Columbia calls... : enlist now for U.S. Army : nearest recruiting station
Columbia calls : enlist now for U.S. Army : nearest recruiting station : Columbia calls : dedicated to the people of
Milk, hides, and skins of : Nigeria.
Adolf Hitler hat euch in 13 Jahren zusammengebracht! Deutsche Kopf- und Handarbeiter! Deutsche Bauern! La?t euch nic
Bravo Herr von Papen! Nur weiter so mit Notverordnungen, Lohn- und Rentenverkurzungen ... , Sie geben uns Kommuniste
Deutschland erwacht! , Wahlt Liste: , 2 , Nationalsozialisten
Landvolk in Not , Wer hilft? - Adolf Hitler!
Wir Arbeiter sind erwacht! , Fur Sowjetrussland , China den Chinesen , Schlagt die Faschisten ... , Hitlerbarone ...
Wir Bauern misten aus , Wir wahlen Liste: , 2 , National-Sozialisten
Wir Frauen wahlen Liste 2 , National-Sozialisten
Wir arbeiter sind erwacht : wir wahlen Nationalsozialisten liste 2
Keep punching : in the battle of production : beat your promise
Materials are precious!.. let's make every piece count!
Cover, Antebellum Dream Book, by Elizabeth Alexander
Cover, Crave Radiance, by Elizabeth Alexander
Cover, The Black Interior, by Elizabeth Alexander
Cover, Venus Hottentot, The, by Elizabeth Alexander
Galley cover, American Sublime, by Elizabeth Alexander
Britain : is grateful : the British War Relief Society Inc. of U.S.A. : a member agency of the National War Fund
Say aren't you supposed to be turning out tanks with the rest of the boys?
"The : Commando : is doing a great job moving men and materiel". -- Army Air Forces
The Sky's the limit! : keep buying war bonds
Where lives depend on the job you've done : keep 'em pulling for : victory
In peace as in war ... : teamwork! : Brotherhood Week : February 18-25, 1945 : National Conference of Christian and
This is the enemy : winner R. Hoe & Co., Inc. Award -- national war poster competition
Warship week : posters by boys of St. John the Evangelist School at Princeton St.
Like a nice ocean trip -- free?
Hilfe! , Rettet uns , vor Bruderkampf u. Jugendvergiftung! , Helft Hindenburg am 6. November!
Hey gang! : keep on licking war savings stamps -- they're full of vitamin : "V" : the new triple-threat : schools --
Don't shiver next winter : order coal now! : Solid Fuel Administration for War : Washington, D. C.
Como Un solo hombre
Your country needs you -- join the Navy! : if you have passed the age limit... there is work for every mother sister
Le Gala des marins de France... : a la Comedie Francaise... : et au benefice de l' Suvre du : "souvenir de France a
After the welcome home-- a job!
Lend the way they fight : buy bonds to your utmost
ARP : national service : auxiliary firemen wanted : apply to your local fire brigade
Wanted : men for first aid parties : a real man's job : ARP
Die D.N.V.P. ruft auf: , Wahlt Liste 5 , Kampffront Schwarz-Wei?-Rot
Die Liste 5 Deutschnational ist deine Wahl
Die Tat , ist Alles - Deutsch National , Liste 5
An Open letter to the unconquerable : Czechoslovaks
An Open letter to the unconquerable : Dutch
An Open letter to the unconquerable : Greeks
An Open letter to the unconquerable : Norwegians
An Open letter to the unconquerable : Poles
Stamp 'em out! : beat your promise
Join the Navy : the service for fighting men
Come on -- join now : 15,000,000 members by Christmas
England expects : national service
National service : your country still expects you to do your duty
The Empire's strength : do you know that : Canada : besides growing millions of acres of wheat has great mineral wea
Are you in this?
Calendar 1918 : "The Pilgrim's way" : the road is rough before his feet... but truth and honour nerve his arm, and f
For every fighter a woman worker : Y.W.C.A. : back our second line of defense : United War Work Campaign
United behind the service star : United War Work Campaign
China : carries on : United China Relief : member agency of the National War Fund
Pvt. Treptow's Pledge : he had almost reached his goal when a machine gun dropped him. in a pocket of his blouse the
The A.E.F. to the President: "if the folks back home fall short on the billions you need, Mr. President, call on us
Enlist in the Navy : to arms : U.S. Navy recruiting station : 34 East 23rd Street New York
Knit a bit for our first line of defense : wool, needles and directions : Comforts Committee of the Navy League of t
Defend American freedom : it's everybody's job
Save your cans : help pass the ammunition : prepare your tin cans for war : 1 remove tops and bottoms 2 take off pap
Dish it out : with : the navy! : choose now while you can
Let's hit 'em : with everything we've got! : don't wait -- choose the navy
War gardens over the top : the seeds of victory insure the fruits of peace : for free books write to National War Ga
War gardens victorious : every war garden a peace plant -- National War Garden Commission...
Arbeiter heraus! : Sozialistisch -- sozial? : Deutschnational -- antisozial? : Kopf= u. Handarbeiter, erscheint in M
Deutschnational deine Wahl! : ist das Thema fur die weiteren offentlichen Wahlversammlungen der Deutschnationalen Vo
Nationalismus oder Sozialismus ist das Thema fur die ersten offentlichen Wahlversammlungen der Deutschnationalen Vol
Deutschnational , Deine Wahl! , ... Direktor Laverrenz , ... in einer offentlichen Versammlung der Standinhaber in d
Wer bringt unserem Volke Rettung? , ist das Thema fur die letzten offentlichen Wahlversammlungen der Deutschnational
Oeffentlicher Vortragsabend mit Lichtbildern , Es sprich Frau Dr. med. von Watter, M.d.L., uber das Thema: Was ich,
George the Fifth has signed bills giving votes to women of five great Canadian Provinces. He will soon sign a bill g
Ministry of Health says : -- : coughs and sneezes spread diseases : trap the germs by using your handkerchief : help
Ministry of health says : -- : coughs and sneezes spread diseases : trap the germs by using your handkerchief : help
Ministry of health says: -- : coughs and sneezes spread diseases : trap the germs in your handkerchief : help to ke
Ministry of health says: coughs and sneezes spread diseases : trap the germs in your handkerchief : help to keep the
Victory starts here! : winner R. Hoe & Co., Inc. Award -- national war poster competition
The Empire's strength : do you know that : India : supplies all the jute for making sacks and sandbags: ... livestoc
Cover, Burning Down the House, by Charles Baxter
Cover, The Art of Subtext, by Charles Baxter
Cover, The Business of Memory, by Charles Baxter
Libertad de cultos : libertad de palabra : libres : libres de miseria : libres de temor
It's worth while! that's why : buy : war savings certificates : you will get #1 for every 15/6 you put in.
We risk our lives to bring you food. it's up to you not to waste it. : "a message from our seamen"
Veterans : job in the federal government are open to you : you get preference in appointment : for full information
H.M. the King wearing the uniform of an admiral of the fleet.
The Right Honourable Winston S. Churchill, C.H., M.P.
Get behind our soldiers, sailors and our allies. : send them the most food possible in the least shipping space. : d
Manner u. Frauen! Haraus zur Massenversammlung , Gegen Luge und Verleumdung! Fur ein Deutschland der Arbeit, der Fre
Thunder : along the line : the New Haven R.R.
On furlough = bound for Keith's
Follow the impulse : make a generous lenten offering for the cold, hungry and homeless women and children of Poland
Give or we perish : American Committee for Relief in the Near East : Armenia -- Greece -- Syria -- Persia : campaign
Help our wartime work with girls : in and near military cantonments in munitions plants and uniform factories in dev
Polacy! Kosciuszko i Pulaski walczyli za wolnosc Polski i innych narodow!