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All British born Jews : (who have not enlisted) : follow the example of other Jews, and : enlist now. : come any day
An Appeal to good sportsmen : the need for more recruits for our army is very urgent... three millions of men with n
Another call : "more men and still more : until the enemy is : crushed" : Lord Kitchener.
Anti-Aircraft Corps : Royal Naval Air Service : all men rejected for medical reasons for h.m. army are invited to ap
Avenge Scarborough! : up and at 'em : now : the wholesale murder of innocent women and children demands vengeance. m
Be a sportsman and lend a hand to the lads at the front. : they need your help!
Britain's new million army : complete the second half-million : men wishing to join fall in and follow the band
Do you want to be a Chelsea Die-Hard? : If so, join the 17th Batt. Middlesex Regt. : "the old die-hards" : and follo
Duty calls -- you
Each recruit : means : quicker peace : join to-day