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A Careless word ... : a needless loss
Can all you can : it's a real war job
Doctors are scarce : one out of three has gone to war : be prepared : for minor injury for minor illness : learn fir
Food is a weapon : don't waste it! : buy wisely -- cook carefully -- eat it all : follow the national wartime nutrit
Help bring them back to you! : find time for war work raise and share food walk and carry packages conserve everythi
If you tell where they're going ... they may never get there : don't talk about troop movements
I'm counting on you! : don't discuss: : troop movements ship sailings war equipment
I need your skill in a : war job! : if you know you are one of are badly needed : airplane skin man... :
Ours ... to fight for : freedom from fear
Ours ... to fight for : freedom from want
Save freedom of speech : buy war bonds
Save freedom of worship : each according to the dictates of his own conscience : buy war bonds
Save waste fats for explosives : take them to your meat dealer
Ten years ago : the Nazis burned these books : but free Americans : can still read them
The Five Sullivan brothers "missing in action" off the Solomons : they did their part
... the state of this nation is good the heart of this nation is sound the spirit of this nation is strong the faith
This is the enemy
This man may die : if you talk too much
United : we are strong : united : we will win
Warning from the : FBI : the war against spies and saboteurs demands the aid of every American... don't repeat vicio