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1982 Elections with speakers Albert Quie and Warren Spannaus
1985 Legislature with speakers Jennings and Moe
911: A Number to Remember with speaker William Koniarski
9 to 5: The Working Woman with speaker Karen Nussbaum, author
A Different Kind of Presidency with speaker Ted Sorenson
Adolescents with speakers Anderson, Schwartz, and Eichter
A Friend to the Wayward with speaker Ben N. Berger
Alexander Haig Meets the Press with Alexander Haig
Alternative Newspapers: New Voices on Press Row, with speakers Tom Bartel and Mark Hopp
A New Hospital for Burnsville? with speakers David L. Graven and Robert L. Hoffman
Another Run for the Senate? with speaker Eugene McCarthy
Are Teachers' Strikes Inevitable? with speakers Gene Mammenga and William Wettergren
Are We Losing The War with Crime? with speaker Chief Tony Bouza
Arts High School in Minnesota with speakers Margaret Hasse and David Speer
Biannium Budget Report with speaker Governor Rudy Perpich
Black Community with speakers Glover, Staten, and Wilson
Books with speaker Harrison Salisbury
Budget Cuts and the Handicapped with speakers Richard Ramberg and Paula Goldberg
Building New Life for Philipinos with speakers Cryz and Planas
Busy Americans: Does it Hurt or Help Minnesota? with speakers Howard Knutson and David K. Roe
Cable Television with speakers Bremer, Herbst, and Martin
Cable TV: Will It Serve the Public Interest? with speakers Joanne Showalter and Jim Townsend
Can a City Make an Impact on the Energy Problem? with speakers George Latimer and Roger Staley
"Can Minnesota Afford a World-Scale Zoo?" with James Hetland Jr. and Ed Kohn
Can Minnesota Business Guide the State's Future? with speakers Peter Gillette and Harold Chucker
Canterbury Downs with speakers Bowker and Wheelock Whitney
Can the Stadium Survive Repeal of the Special Liquor Tax? with speakers John Cowles, Jr. and Ray Faricy
Can We Plan A Prosperous Future? with speakers Walter Heller and Kevin Phillips
Charting the Future of the Humphrey Metrodome with Charles Krusell, Harvey mackay, and Don Poss
Chicano's Problems with speakers Pablo Dabila and Arturo Perez
Child Abuse with speakers Geasin and Levitt
Cities and Schools: Two Views of the State Budget with speakers Wayne Burggraaff and Don Hill
Citizen Activism: Is it a Backyard Revolution? with speakers Harry Boyte and Tom DeWar
Citizens Party with speakers Paul Hildebrandt and Kathryn Anderson
Clean Up of the Mississippi River with speaker Barbara Lukermann
Closing the Gender Gap with speaker Elizabeth Hall
College Sports with speaker Paul Ziel
Congressional Race in the 6th District with speakers Arnold Erdahl and Jerry Sikorsky
Convention Center with speakers Fraser and Lindau
Council on the Economic Status of Women with speakers Nina Rothebild and Marlene Reid
Creating More Jobs with speakers Freeman and Forsythe
Criminal Justice, Part 2 with speakers from the Humphrey Institute
Criminal Justice with speakers Andrew Rutherford, Luke Mulceman, and others
Delicate Balance with speaker Fred W. Friendly
Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Primary for Governor with speakers Rudy Perpich and Warren Spannaus
Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Senatorial Endorsement Part 1 with speakers John Derus and Wendy Anderson
Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Senatorial Endorsement Part 2 with Joan Growe and James Oberstar
Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) vs. Independent Republican (IR) with speakers Mike Hatch and William Morris
["Did 1979 Session Go Too Far with Tax Indexing...and other questions"]
Discussion with Walter Heller
Do We Need Sentencing Guidelines for Juveniles? with speakers Richard Erickson, Irz Schwarz, Allen Oliesky
Downtown Development: A Missed Opportunity? with speakers Friedman and Jacob.
Dr. Bruno Kreisky
Dr. Spock and the Nuclear Freeze with Dr. Ben Spock
Eight Minnesota Governors
Eight Minnesota Governors
Eight Minnesota Governors
Entrepreneur with speaker Irwin Jacobs
Faith and Ferment: What Christians Believe with speakers Robert S. Bilheimer, David Prues, and John R. Roach
Fighting for Equality: A Life of Service with speaker W. Harry Davis
Fighting for Quality in a Time of Austerity with speaker C. Peter Magrath
Financing Elections with speakers Archibald Cox and Bill Frenzel
Financing the Biennium with speakers Roger Moe and Robert Ashbach
Financing the University in the Next Biennium with speaker C. Peter MacGrath
First Impressions on Being Elected Governor with Rudy Perpich
First Thoughts on Taking Office with speaker David Durenburger
Fiscal Crunch with speaker George Latimer
Football and the University with speakers Lou Holtz and Frank D. Wilkerson
Free Trade in Agriculture with speakers Orv Freeman and Edward Schuh
Future of Liberal Politics: Two Views with speakers Marv Davidoff and Dennis Wadley
Governor's Plan with speakers Randall and Nielson
Grain embargo with speakers William Pearce and G. Shoe
Has St. Paul Really Turned a Corner? with speaker Mayor George Latimer
Have Reforms Improved the Legislature's Operation? with speakers Steve Keefe and Rod Searle
Helping the Elderly with speaker Daphne Krause
Helping the Homeless: Are We Meeting the Problem? with speakers Bruce Kurtz and David Schultz
Higher Education in Holistic View with speakers Clyde Angle, and C. Peter Magrath
Higher Education with speakers Gerald Christenson, Peter Magrath, and John Wefold
"History in School and Colleges," discussion, Special Bulletin no. 65
Hitting the Comeback Trail with speaker Rudy Perpich
Horseracing with speakers Bruce Malkerson and Joyce Ferrell
How Business Views the Problem of Rising Health Care Costs with speaker Irving S. Shapiro
How Can Minnesota Help the Energy Poor? with speakers Ken Nelson and Don Fraser
How Can We Protect Human Rights in a Turbulent World? with speakers Max Kampelman, Davis Preus, and Max Shapiro
How Important is the People-Mover to St. Paul's Future? with speakers David Shaf and Mike Fritz
How Much Conservation Can Minnesota Afford? with speakers Charles Dayton and Ted Shields
How Near to Collapse Is Public Education in Minnesota? with speakers Lewis Finch and Larry Harris
How Serious Are the Budget Cuts? with speakers Kent Eklund, Bruce Nawrocki, Jo Nunn, and Jon Slater
How Will Cable Television Effect Television in Minnesota? with speakers William H. Cobin and Sheldon Goldstein
How Will Cuts in Welfare Affect Minnesotans? with speakers Arthur Nost, Luanne Neiburg, and Ann Wynia
Hubert Humphrey with speaker Carl Solberg
Human Rights with speakers Hixon, Huyen, and Johnson
Independent Republican Primary for Governor with speakers Harold Stassen, Lou Wangberg, and Wheelock Whitney
Independent Republican's Outlook with speaker Henry J. Saborcoul
Indian Leadership: Problems and Potentials with Roger Jourdain and Ada Deer
Individual Rights with speaker Warren Spanus
Initiative and Referendum for Minnesota with speakers Jack Davies and Robert M. Benedict
Initiative and Referendum with speakers Elmer L. Andersen and Harriette Burkhalter
Interview with the Mayor of Minneapolis, Al Hoefsteade
Is a Major Cut in State Taxes Really a Good Move? with speakers Salisbury Adams and John Brandl