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At the sign of the red triangle : the Y.M.C.A. keeps the home ties from breaking ; help take the red triangle to our
Give : YMCA
Give : Y.M.C. A. : Y.M.C.A.
He is a patriot who whether at the front, farm or forge gives himself to his country's service! : Y.M.C.A. war work
Help swell the fund! : 5% of today's sales in every one of our stores will be donated to the Y.M.C.A. War Fund
One of the thousand Y.M.C.A. girls in France : United War Work Campaign Nov. 11th to 18th
"The last evidence that anybody cares" : the Y.M.C.A. is our boys' "big brother" from enlistment to front-line trenc
The Letter to mother
They need your help -- urgently : at no time in the history of the country has a greater opportunity to perform a bi
War-zone home for our boys "overthere" : always at the service of our brave troops : help keep these home fires burn
Wilson Taft, Roosevelt and other national leaders indorse Y.M.C.A. work : $35,000,000 needed at least to conduct thi
Workers lend your strength to the red triangle : help the "Y" help the fighters fight : United War Work Campaign, In
"Your boy in the movies!" : see him in uniform in The Red Triangle : the greatest military motion picture ever made