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Are you in this?
At the front! : every fit Briton should join our brave men at the front. : enlist now.
"Be honest with yourself. be certain that : your so-called reason is not a selfish excuse" : Lord Kitchener : enlist
Come now : your arms uniform and accoutrements are ready waiting for you : Lord Kitchener at Guildhall, July, 1915.
German words and German deeds : "we see everywhere how our soldiers respect the sacred defencelessness of woman and
Go! : it's your duty lad : join to-day
G. R. : soldiers' separation allowances : increased rates from March, 1915... : wives and children of married men...
If the cap fits : you : join the army : to-day.
Join the brave throng that goes marching along
Men of London! : remember! : we must have more men : so join now : and help to shorten the duration of the war : God