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Christmas and New Year's special holiday doings for soldiers -- sailors and marines... : see weekly service calendar
For men in uniform only : Vaudeville Show at the Casino Theatre : under the auspices of the New York War Camp Commun
Getta bita chow : W.C.C.S. Unit No. 8 Canteen : home cooked food at popular prices
Give : War Camp Community Service
Grace Church Unit W.C.C.S. Unit No. 19 : canteen and service club for men in uniform
Have a lift! : soldiers sailors marines...: "Your uniform is your pass"
Hayward Unit for colored men in the service : New York War Camp Community Service Unit no. 14 : while in New York, h
Officers' Service of the New York War Camp Community Service : a department opened for officers in all services : In
Official information station on New York hospitality for soldiers, sailors and marines
Sightseeing trips : large glass enclosed motor car : 2 1/2 hour trip : all points of interest : get tickets (25c) at