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Cancer Quackery
Dental Health
Food Sanitation
Infant Mortality
Pet Education
Sustainable Agriculture
Adolescent Health
Adolescent Pregnancy
Commissioner of Health
Lead Poisoning
Minneapolis Health Department, Groundwater Containimation
Dr. Edward Ehlinger interviews Dan Halverson on Lifestyles, for Better or Worse
Dr. Edward Ehlinger interviews Diane Peterson on immunization
Dr. Edward Ehlinger interviews Sharon Cross on Home Health Care
For Profit and Non-Profit Health Care: An Issue of Values
Health Department No Smoking campaign
How Public Health Services are Funded, Delivered, and Coordinated at State and Local Level
Iron Range Health
Metro Health Planning Board
Nutritional assistance programs
Take a Hike
The Feminization of poverty
EMS: The Twin Cities System
Health Insurance Choices
Immunizations for Adults
Medicaid Demonstration Project
Unsuspected Health Hazards
Adolescents and AIDS
Churches Concerned for Children
Early Childhood Coordinating Board
Fire Starter Intervention
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Holiday Survival III
Human Costs of the Arms Race
Lifestyle International
Long Term Care
Ribbons Project of Hennepin County Medical Center
Senior Health Issues: Review of Current Topics
Smoke Free Society
Story Therapy: Story Telling and Health
Water Quality: How Safe is Our Supply?
Youth Issues
Access to Health Care
AIDS: Peer Education
Anti-Tobacco Campaign
Assured Care
Breast Cancer
Dine and Dash: Fast Food
Head Start: Benefitting society by helping others
Health Care Access and Health Objectives 2000: Linking the Goals
Holiday Survival II
Injury Reduction
Our Health Care Future: A four part Socratic discussion on health care access and strategies for meeting the "Year 2000 Objectives" Part 2
RDAs What are they? And what do they mean?
Success by 6
Summer Survival: Tips for a safe summer
Weight Loss and Nutrition
AIDS, Adolescents and Peer Education
Alternative Care Grants
Cholesterol in Childhood
Congregations & Kids: how churches can help
Family Violence RSVP: responding with prevention
Health Careers - meeting the demand
Hunger in Minnesota II: why hunger continues in MN
Immunization Update 1991
International Travel
Medications and the Elderly
Minnesota Fish Advisory
Peer Review Organizations
Personal Fitness
Public Health Dentistry II
Public Health: Past and Present - 35 years of history in Minnesota
Role of Physicians in Public Health
Theater and Public Health
The Troubled Journey: Problems of Adolescents
Weight and Heart Disease
Adolescent Nutrition: Are our teenagers junk food junkies? Adolescent nutrition and eating behaviors
Americans with Disabilities Act
ASSIST Program
Assured Care II
Cancer in Kids: What's being done.
Child Care WORKS
Children's Ice Hockey Injuries
Environmental Health
Fire Prevention 1992
Hepatitis B
Hispanos en Minnesota: What are some of the issues facing Hispanos in Minnesota? Do they have different problems?
HIV in Schools
Living at Home, Block Nurse Program
Principles of Public Health
Services for Children with Handicaps
STDs 1992: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) what are they? Who's at risk? And what can be done to decrease STD's?