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John Kenneth Galbraith speaks at the 100th Anniversary of the St. Paul Public Library
Interview with Gus Hall, presidential candidate of the Communist Party of the United States of America
Corporate Power with Ralph Nader
Energy Supply: Past, Present, and Future by Dean Abrahamson
The Oregon Energy Strategy: The Competitive Value by Joel Schatz
CBS Newsperson Daniel Schorr
Biomedial ethics with Daniel Callahan
Chicano's Problems with speakers Pablo Dabila and Arturo Perez
E.F. Schumacher, "Small is Beautiful"
Individual Rights with speaker Warren Spanus
Interview with the Mayor of Minneapolis, Al Hoefsteade
John Boland, Chairman of the Metro Council State of the Region Address
National Women's Conference with speaker Mary Peak
Skyrocketing Real Estate Values with speaker Walter C. Nelson
State Highways and Bridges: The Budget Problem with speaker Jim Harrington
The Great Lakes [1/3]
The Great Lakes [2/3]
The Great Lakes [3/3]
The United Nations Should Try Harder and So Should We with Harlan Cleveland
The University of Minnesota's Constitutional Independence, Budget, and Educational Opportunities with speaker C. Peter MacGrath
Twin Cities Airports with speaker Ray Glumack of the Metropolitan Airports Commission
Why No-One Wants to Run with speakers Miller and Ford
Women in Development with Arvonne Fraser
A. Carl Leopold, The Act of Creation
Clean Up of the Mississippi River with speaker Barbara Lukermann
Congressional Reform and the Cycles of Power: Will the Resurgence Last? by Professor Lawrence Dodd of the University of Texas at Austin
Crime Victims with speaker Janet Barkas
Dr. Gary Orfield, "Congress, The Carter Administration and Domestic Policy"
First Thoughts on Taking Office with speaker David Durenburger
Governor Debate, Rudy Perpich and Al Quie
"Grounds for Hope," the Guy Stanton Ford Lecture from the University Graduate School given by Lord C.P. Snow
Has St. Paul Really Turned a Corner? with speaker Mayor George Latimer
Hubert H. Humphrey's funeral, 1
Hubert H. Humphrey's funeral, 2
Initiative and Referendum for Minnesota with speakers Jack Davies and Robert M. Benedict
Is The Court Usurping the Legislative Role? with speaker Federal judge Earl Larson
Lawrence Reddick speaking about Martin Luther King, Jr.
Looking Ahead to 1979 with speaker Al Quie
Minnesota's International Relations Victory with speakers Vern Neppal and Rick Scott
Nikos Dimitriou, Ambassador of Cyprus to the United States
Politics and the University with Seymour Martin Lipset
President Carter's Civil Service with speaker Alan K. Campbell
President C. Peter McGrath speaks with international students from Africa
Remembering Hubert Humphrey with speakers Orville Freeman and Jeane Kirkpatrick
Sal Carlone, Wendy Anderson and Rudy Boschwitz
Senate Debate with Dave Durenberger, Helm, and Short
Should Political Use of Television Be Restricted? with speakers George H. Gruenwald and D.J. Leary
Speaker Ed Dirtswacker discusses welfare and medicaid
The Real Freedom - The Freedom to Know with Harrison Salisbury
To Bus or Not to Bus? with speakers Ralph Crowder and Sam Richardson
United States Asian Policy by Vice President Walter Mondale
Views on the New Challenge with speaker Senator Rudy Boschwitz
Will Intercollegiate Sports Survive?" with speaker Paul Giel
Angela Davis discusses apartheid in South Africa
Black History Month with Ralph Crowder, David Taylor, and Arthur Hill
Defense and Strategic Balance
Interview with Donald Mount, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency's Water Quality Laboratory in Duluth
Minnesota and the 1980 Democratic National Convention with speakers Richard Nolan and Warren Spannaus
Mulford Q. Sibley, Political Responses to Poverty
Paul McCracken, "Can the United States Regain Its Capacity for Orderly Economic Expansion?"
Power Plays: How To Deal Like a Lawyer, with John M. Striker, lawyer; and Andrew O Shapiro, author
Publishing Doctors' Names with speakers Bernard Casserly and Robert W. McCoy
Red Lake Violence with speakers Stephanie Hanson and Larry Leventhaw
Richard Leaky, The Origins of Man
What Hath the Legislature Wrought? with speakers Win Borden and David Roe
What's the Economic Future of the Minnesota Farmer? with speakers Cy Carpentor and Philip Raup
Children and Ethical Conflict with Robert M. Coles
Fiddler's Convention
Issues involved in feeding the world's four and a half billion people with Jack Nelson and Norman Borlaug
Minnesota Votes on Tuesday: What do the Polls Say? with speakers Bert Russick and Charles Backstrom
Moral Majority with speaker Paulo Sand
New Conservative Movement and the 1980 Election with Seymour Martin Lipset
Police Chief Bouza's Record: Two Views with speakers Tony Bouza, Police Chief and James O'Meara
Prairie Island Expansion: Should It Proceed? with speakers Bruce Johnson and Mark Wernick
Raise Taxes or Cut Spending: The Decision for the Minnesota Legislature with speakers Harry Sieben and Glen Sherwood
Should Minnesota Courts Permit TV Coverage? with speakers Hyam Segeil and Stan Turner
Surviving the 80s with speaker Richard J. Barnett
What is the Proper Role of the Minneapolis City Coordinator? with speaker David Nicholas
Who Owns the News? with speakers Donald Dwight and John Carmichael
Women in Law with Rosalie Wahl, associate justice, Minnesota Supreme Court
1981 McLaughlin lecture by Charge d'Affair at the U.S. Embassy in Iran and former hostage L. Bruce Laingen
Are Teachers' Strikes Inevitable? with speakers Gene Mammenga and William Wettergren
Council on the Economic Status of Women with speakers Nina Rothebild and Marlene Reid
Discussion with Walter Heller
Eight Minnesota Governors
Eight Minnesota Governors
Eight Minnesota Governors
Financing the Biennium with speakers Roger Moe and Robert Ashbach
Foreign Policy with Harlan Cleveland
Have Reforms Improved the Legislature's Operation? with speakers Steve Keefe and Rod Searle
How Serious Are the Budget Cuts? with speakers Kent Eklund, Bruce Nawrocki, Jo Nunn, and Jon Slater
How Will Cuts in Welfare Affect Minnesotans? with speakers Arthur Nost, Luanne Neiburg, and Ann Wynia
Human Rights and the International Arms Race with Ramsey Clark, United States Attorney General
Immigration and Refugees: We Need a National Policy Now! by Father Theodore Hesburgh, President of Notre Dame
International Tourism: Boon or Bane for Developing Nations with Edward Will of Carleton College
Labyrinths of Power with Mulford Q. Sibley
Labyrinths of Time with Roger Jones
Legal Drinking - What's the Proper Age? with speakers Lee Greenfield and Howard A. Knutson
Legislative Session - Interest Groups React
Looking Ahead to 1982 with speaker Warren Spannaus