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World Hunger and the Role of the United States by Dr. Martin McLaughlin
Climate Change and Great Plains Agriculture
Eight Minnesota Governors
Eight Minnesota Governors
Eight Minnesota Governors
Interview with Gus Hall, presidential candidate of the Communist Party of the United States of America
Sisseton Wahpeton claims, interview by Andy Marlow
Sovereignty and Indian Leadership with Oren Lyons and Ada Deer
Energy Supply: Past, Present, and Future by Dean Abrahamson
Hubert H. Humphrey's funeral, 1
Hubert H. Humphrey's funeral, 2
Kolshorn Memorial Lecture with Stewart Udall
The Challenger Spacecraft Explosion
The Future in Space with Thompson and Gordon
The Oregon Energy Strategy: The Competitive Value by Joel Schatz
Walter Mondale, "Domestic Policy Decision under Jimmy Carter"
Walter Mondale, "International Relations under Jimmy Carter"
Astronomy: Public Support of Science for Science's Sake by Freeman Dyson, author and physicist
Can Our Political System Survive the Press by syndicate columnist David S. Broder
Changing Education by Denis Doyle, Director of Educational Policy, American Enterprise Institute