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Would Vouchers Improve Our Schools? with speakers Richard Green, Ralph Lieber, and Francis Scholtz
World Hunger and the Role of the United States by Dr. Martin McLaughlin
World Affairs Center, A Shambles Called Foreign Policy with Robert J. White, editorial page editor, Minneapolis Star & Tribune
Work-Stress Connections with Robert Veninga
Workforce with speakers Rick Scott and Sam Walz
Workers Compensation with speakers Dan Gustefson and Winston Borden
Women in Law with Rosalie Wahl, associate justice, Minnesota Supreme Court
Women in Development with Arvonne Fraser
Women and Society with Elizabeth Janeway, feminist author
Will Savings Accounts for Everyone Save the Nation? with speaker Edwin C. Pemmerening
Will Risk Sharing Solve Minnesota's Fiscal Problems? with speakers John D. Tomlinson and William Schreiber
Will Intercollegiate Sports Survive?" with speaker Paul Giel
William Ruckelshaus
William Appleman Williams, The Real Crisis of Democracy
Will Farming Be Profitable Again? with speakers Cy Carpenter, Merlyn Lokensgard, and Philip Raup
Why No-One Wants to Run with speakers Miller and Ford
Who Owns the News? with speakers Donald Dwight and John Carmichael
White House Conference on Aging: A Minnesota Report with speakers Leonard Ramberg and Katherine Sehlin
Where Are Politics Taking Us? Part 2 with speakers Bill Frenzel and George Latimer
Where Are Politics Taking Us? Part 1 with speakers David Durenberger and Don Fraser