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Vegetation of ravine
Young Vireos warbling, double exposure
Adiantum pedatum
Ambrosia artemisiifolia (Ambrosia elatior)
Apple blossoms
Arisaema triphyllum
Aster cordifolius (Symphyotrichum cordifolium)
Asters and golden-rod. Banks of Mississippi.
Aster undulatus (Symphyotrichum undulatum)
Autumnal composite vegetation
Autumnal underbrush, Mississippi River, between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Golden rods, asters and sumac.
Autumnal vegetation of marsh border. Thoroughwort or joe-pye weed.
Bed of ferns with Sensitive fern in middle of foreground.
Blue flags and roses
Bromus porteri (Bromus anomalus)
Burls on pines
Carduus lanceolatus (Cirsium vulgare)
Carya trees on Lake Minnetonka
Cascade at Osceola, Wisconsin
Castalia tuberosa
Castalia tuberosa
Ceanothus ovatus
Celastrus scandens
Cladonia and Stereocaulon
Cone flowers
Corylus americana
Coteau hills, prairie vegetation in Lyon County
Cottonwoods on the Minnesota River
Cottonwoods on the Minnesota River
Down the gorge of the East branch of Lester River
Dryopteris fragrans
Elm tree growing in the open.
Elymus virginicus
Eragrostis major (Eragrostis cilianensis)
Euphorbia glytosperma
Evening scene in Minnesota with Arrowheads, Bulrushes and willows in foreground
Evening scene on a Minnesota lake
Evergreen forest above falls in East branch of Lester River
Evergreen forest on the banks of the West branch of the Lester River
Forest of Pinaceae
Fungus on log
Gentiana andrewsii
Habenaria lacera
Habenaria lacera
Habenaria lacera (Platanthera lacera)
Habenaria lacera (Platanthera lacera)
Helenium autumnale
Indian corn in shock
Iris versicolor
Iris versicolor
Koellia flexuosa
Lake border vegetation, bulrushes and reed-grass
Lake border vegetation of cat-tails, grasses, reeds and sedges at Lake of the Isles
Lakeside vegetation
Large pine on the banks of Lester River
Lycopodium and Cladonia
Maiden-hair ferns and lady ferns.
Maples along a shady bank
Maples along a shady bank
Monarda fistulosa
Monarda fistulosa
Monotropa uniflora
Mud shore
Near Bismarck, North Dakota
Neglected corner in the Minneapolis manufacturing district, weeds and shrubs
Nepeta cataria
Oaks and blue flags on a marshy place in the oak-woods
Old Wood Road
Palisades and rock vegetation zones
Polygonum pennsylvanicum
Polypodium vulgare
River vegetation, Minnesota River.
Roadside vegetation in summer
Roadside vegetation in winter, St. Anthony Park
Roadside vegetation of nettles and vines. Winter aspect.
Rock lichens
Rock vegetation near Duluth. White pines, white cedars and junipers.
Rosa blanda
Rosa blanda
Rumex crispus
Sedges and rushes
Seedlings of Calycanthus
Seedlings of Ptelea trifoliata
Seedlings of Quercus macrocarpa (Quercus iberica)
Shallow pool fringed with rushes and sedges, burr oaks
Solidago canadensis
Solidago rigidiuscula (Solidago speciosa var. rigidiuscula)
Solidago rigidiuscula (Solidago speciosa var. rigidiuscula)
Spartina cynosuroides
Spruces forming a zone around a peat-bog.
Stigeoclonium flagelliferum, Pebbles from Belliforte Spring, Bellfante, Pennsylvania
Straits of Fuca with Olympic Mountains