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Comments on Conant's Recommendations: Administration by Walter W. Cook, College of Education and Emmet Williams, Superintendent, Roseville Schools
Comments on Conant's Recommendations: Counseling by Theodore Volsky, Jr., student counseling bureau and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Willis E. Dugan, Professor of Education
Comments on Conant's Recommendations: Curriculum I by Nelson Bossing, Professor of Education, and Francis Gamelin, assistant superintendent, Independent School District 218
European Counterparts of the American High School by Werner Levi, Professor of Political Science, and Gareth Hiebert, St. Paul Dispatch
Historical Perspectives on the Comprehensive High School by Roy G. Francis, Professor of Sociology and David W. Noble, Associate Professor of History
Implementing the Recommendations: Some practical problems, Glenn Varner, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, St. Paul Schools and Further Considerations by Caroline Barron, Principal of Minneapolis Central High School
Program 6, Robert H. Beck, professor of education, "The Soviet System of Education"
Some Further Questions of Cost and Control: The National Picture with Walter Heller, Professor of Economics and Robert Holt, Assistant Professor of Political Science
The Comprehensive High School and Its Programs by Carl W. Anderson, Principal, Minneapolis Washburn High School and Samuel H. Popper, Associate Professor of Education
The Comprehensive High School in Minnesota by Lyman L. Huntley