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Are Your Feelings Born With You or do You Learn Feelings Like You Learn to Walk and Talk?
Babies Change So Fast and in So Many Ways
Can Anything Be Done to Stop a Mother Who Protects You So Much You Feel Suffocated?
Can Kids Do Anything to help So There Won't be a Divorce?
Can Someone Fourteen Be An Alcoholic?
Can Thinking About Death Before it Happens Help You When it Does?
Can You Have More Than One Best Friend?
Can You Tell When Somebody Loves You?
Does Anger Do Much Damage Inside a Person?
Does Anybody Ever Score 100% on Handling Their Feelings?
Does Everybody Feel Lonely Sometimes Even When Around People You Know?
Does Everybody's Appropriate Behavior Match?
Does Everybody Start Out With the Same Feelings or Do We Get New Ones as We Grow Up?
Does It Hurt to be Dead?
Doesn't Anyone Think of The Kids When They Think of Divorce?
Doesn't Everybody Slip Back Into Baby Feelings Sometimes?
Do Kids Have Different Kinds of "Self Images" and "Appropriate Behavior" Than Grown Ups Do?
Do Kids Who Go to Church Know More About Death Than We Do?
Do People Come in Familes for a Reason?
Do People Ever Learn to Handle Death So it Doesn't Hurt So Bad?