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A Little starving child brought back to life because you went without some luxury : all of the Red Cross War Fund go
Are you one of us? : they are looking to us for help : add your bit to the Red Cross War Fund
Caring for the families of America's fighting men
Come on -- join now : 15,000,000 members by Christmas
Don't you want to help our sailor boys? : read what an Ensign on a battleship writes to his mother about their needs
Enrollment station : join here : all you need is a heart and a dollar
Help your American Red Cross, join today : no field service required of members : membership dues $1.00 up
Help your Red Cross : "inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these" : Federal Council of the Churches
Information service : to the families of soldiers and sailors : do you receive you husband's or son's letters? : doe