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American food pledge : 20 million tons : we have promised to feed the hungry millions of Europe -- the allies and li
"America : the hope of all who suffer -- the dread of all who wrong." : Whittier : save food and defeat frightfulnes
Are you doing yours? : United States Food Administration
Back from the : trenches : state lecture tours : auspices of the United States Food Administration
Be patriotic : sign your country's pledge to save the food : United States Food Administration
Blood or bread : others are giving their blood : you will shorten the war -- save life if you eat only what you need
Corn : the food of the nation : serve some way every meal : appetizing nourishing economical : United States Food Ad
Defeat the Kaiser and his U-boats : victory depends on which fails first, food or frightfulness : eat less wheat
Don't let up : keep on saving food
Don't stop saving food