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A Chinese Junk, - Canton River.
Akbar's Tomb, - Secundra
An Old Fort at Muttra
Assar Mahal, - Beejapore.
A Suttee
Aurungzebe's Mosque, at Benares.
Aurungzebe's Tomb, Rozah.
Borro Boedoor
Bridge at Bhurkote
Dus Awtar, Caves of Ellora.
Excavated Temple of Kylas, - Caves of Ellora
Fortress of Bowrie, in Rajpootana
Front view of the Bisma Kurm, Caves of Ellora
Front view of the Kylas, Caves of Ellora.
Futtypore Sicri
Grass Rope Bridge at Teree, - Gurwall
Hindoo and Mahomedan Buildings