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Agriculture: Can We Live With Surpluses? with Sherwood O. Berg and Oswald H. Brownlee
Alliance for Progress in the Americas with John S. Chipman and Oswald S. Brownlee
Along Our Borders: Canada and Mexico with Eugene Mather and James Kingsley Jr.
A Race to the Moon - A Race to Space with Cliff Simac and Victor Cohn
A Second Look at Foreign Aid with Barbara Stuhler and Wilbur E. Elston
A Sickly Dragon: China's Homefront Problems with Romeyn Taylor and Richard Mather
Burton Paulu: Retrospective Spectacular, Reel 2
Burton Paulu: Retrospective Spectacular, Reel 8
Development - Key to Economic Improvement with Herbert Mohring and Gioachino Maritano
Disarmament - Will Patience Pay Off? with Mulford Q. Sibley and Mark A. Graubard