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Plate 435 (Plate CDXXXV), Columbian Water Ouzel, Arctic Water Ouzel, No. 87
Plate 434 (Plate CDXXXIV), Little Tyrant Fly-catcher, Small-headed Fly-catcher, Blue Mountain Warbler, Bartram's Vireo, Short-legged Pewee, Rocky Mountain Fly-catcher
Plate 433 (Plate CDXXXIII), Bullock's Oriole, Baltimore Oriole, Mexican Goldfinch, Varied Thrush, Common Water Thrush
Plate 432 (Plate CDXXXII), Burrowing Owl, Large-headed Burrowing Owl, Little night Owl, Columbian Owl, Short-eared Owl
Plate 431 (Plate CDXXXI), American Flamingo
Plate 430 (Plate CDXXX), Slender-billed Guillemot
Plate 429 (Plate CDXXIX), Western Duck
Plate 428 (Plate CDXXVIII), Townsend's Sandpiper
Plate 427 (Plate CDXXVII), White-legged Oyster-catcher, Slender-billed Oyster-catcher
Plate 426 (Plate CDXXVI), Californian Vulture
Plate 425 (Plate CDXXV), Columbian Humming Bird
Plate 424 (Plate CDXXIV), Lazuli Finch, Crimson-necked Bull-finch, Grey-crowned Linnet, Cow-pen Bird, Evening Grosbeak, Brown Longspur
Plate 423 (Plate CDXXIII), Plumed-Partridge, Thick-legged Patridge
Plate 422 (Plate CDXXII), Rough-legged Falcon
Plate 421 (Plate CDXXI), Brown Pelican, No, 85
Plate 420 (Plate CDXX), Prairie Starling
Plate 419 (Plate CDXIX), Little Tawny Thrush, Ptiliogony's Townsendi, Canada Jay
Plate 418 (Plate CDXVIII), American Ptarmigan, White-tailed Grous
Plate 417 (Plate CDXVII), Maria's Woodpecker, Three-toed Woodpecker, Phillips' Woodpecker, Canadian Woodpecker, Harris's Woodpecker, Audubon's Woodpecker
Plate 416 (Plate CDXVI), Hairy Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Red-shafted Woodpecker, Lewis' Woodpecker, Red-breasted Woodpecker
Plate 415 (Plate CDXV), Brown Creeper, Californian Nuthatch
Plate 414 (Plate CDXIV), Golden-winged Warbler, Cape May Warbler
Plate 413 (Plate CDXIII), Californian Partridge
Plate 412 (Plate CDXII), Violet-green Cormorant, Townsend's Cormorant
Plate 411 (Plate CDXI), Common American Swan
Plate 410 (Plate CDX), Marsh Tern
Plate 409 (Plate CDIX), Havell's Tern, Trudeau's Tern
Plate 408 (Plate CDVIII), American Scoter Duck
Plate 407 (Plate CDVII), Dusky Albatros
Plate 406 (Plate CDVI), Trumpeter Swan
Plate 405 (Plate CDV), Semipalmated Sandpiper
Plate 404 (Plate CDIV), Eared Grebe
Plate 403 (Plate CDIII), Golden-eye Duck
Plate 402 (Plate CDII), Black-throated Guillemot, Nobbed-billed Auk, Curled-Crested Auk, Horned-billed Guillemot, No. 81
Plate 401 (Plate CDI), Red-breasted Merganser
Plate 400 (Plate CD), Arkansaw Siskin, Mealy Red-poll, Louisiana Tanager, Townsend's Finch, Buff-breasted Finch
Plate 399 (Plate CCCXCIX), Black-throated green Warbler, Blackburnian, w., Mourning Warbler
Plate 398 (Plate CCCXCVIII), Lazuli Finch, Clay-coloured Finch, Oregon Snow Finch
Plate 397 (Plate CCCXCVII), Scarlet Ibis
Plate 396 (Plate CCCXCVI), Burgomaster Gull
Plate 395 (Plate CCCXCV), Audubons Warbler, Hermit Warbler, Black-throated gray Warbler
Plate 393 (Plate CCCXCIII), Townsend's Warbler, Arctic Blue-bird, Western Blue-bird
Plate 392 (Plate CCCXCII), Louisiana Hawk
Plate 391 (Plate CCCXCI), Brandt Goose
Plate 390 (Plate CCCXC), Lark Finch, Prairie Finch, Brown Song Sparrow
Plate 389 (Plate CCCLXXXIX), Red-Cockaded Wodopecker
Plate 388 (Plate CCCLXXXVIII), Nuttall's Starling, Yellow-headed Troopial, Bullock's Oriole
Plate 387 (Plate CCCLXXXVII), Glossy Ibis
Plate 385 (Plate CCCLXXXV), Bank Swallow, Violet-Green Swallow, No. 77
Plate 384 (Plate CCCLXXXIV), Black-throated Bunting