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Thoughts on Leaving with speakers C. Peter Magrath and Diane Skomars
School Vouchers for Poor: Will They Help or Hurt Public Education? with speakers John Brandt and Ruth L. Anderson
Recording with Helmut Schmidt
New Skyline for Minneapolis with speaker Cesar Pelli
New Jobs with speakers John Brandl and Monnie Bate
Minnesota Court of Appeals with speakers Popovich and Sedgewick
Military Force and United States National Security [2/2]
Military Force and United States National Security [1/2]
Metropolitan Council with speakers Sandra Gardebring, John Boland, and James Hetland
Lecture by former Secretary of State Alexander Haig [1/2]
Leaving Minneapolis with speakers Sarah and James Lawless
Jerry Hagstrom, author
Horseracing with speakers Bruce Malkerson and Joyce Ferrell
Higher Education with speakers Gerald Christenson, Peter Magrath, and John Wefold
Free Trade in Agriculture with speakers Orv Freeman and Edward Schuh
Financing Elections with speakers Archibald Cox and Bill Frenzel
Arts High School in Minnesota with speakers Margaret Hasse and David Speer