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Interview with Gus Hall, presidential candidate of the Communist Party of the United States of America
1981 McLaughlin lecture by Charge d'Affair at the U.S. Embassy in Iran and former hostage L. Bruce Laingen
A. Carl Leopold, The Act of Creation
Angela Davis discusses apartheid in South Africa
Astronomy: Public Support of Science for Science's Sake by Freeman Dyson, author and physicist
A View of Northern irleand with Dr. John Kirkaldy
Biomedial ethics with Daniel Callahan
Black History Month with Ralph Crowder, David Taylor, and Arthur Hill
Can Our Political System Survive the Press by syndicate columnist David S. Broder
CBS Newsperson Daniel Schorr
Changes in Family and Gender Roles After WWII
Changing Education by Denis Doyle, Director of Educational Policy, American Enterprise Institute
Children and Ethical Conflict with Robert M. Coles
Climate Change and Great Plains Agriculture
Conference on World Population Growth with Joseph Speidel, Vice-President of the Population Crisis Committee
Congressional Reform and the Cycles of Power: Will the Resurgence Last? by Professor Lawrence Dodd of the University of Texas at Austin
Corporate Power with Ralph Nader
Crime Victims with speaker Janet Barkas
Defense and Strategic Balance
Dr. David Owen, leader of Britain's Social Democratic Party
Dr. Gary Orfield, "Congress, The Carter Administration and Domestic Policy"
Economics of the Arms Race by Kenneth Galbraith
E.F. Schumacher, "Small is Beautiful"
Eight Minnesota Governors
Eight Minnesota Governors
Eight Minnesota Governors
Europe Towards 2000: Issues, Trends, with Maitland Stobart
Fiddler's Convention
Financing and Summary
Foreign Policy with Harlan Cleveland
Geraldine Ferraro speaking at the Humphrey Institute
Government Secrets and the First Amendment: How Free is the Press? Flloyd Abrams, constitutional lawyer
"Grounds for Hope," the Guy Stanton Ford Lecture from the University Graduate School given by Lord C.P. Snow
Harrison Salisbury, The Long March and Contemporary China
High Schools in the 1980s with Theodore A. Sizer
History and Mystery in United States Relations with the USSR, PRofessor Marshall D. Shulman
Hotbed in the Middle East: Prospects for Peace with speaker Philip Habib
Hotbed in the Middle East with Philip Habib, #2
How Old Is Old, with James E. Birren, PhD., Executive Director, Andrus Gerontology Center and Dean of the David School of Gerontology
Hubert H. Humphrey's funeral, 1
Hubert H. Humphrey's funeral, 2
Human Rights and the International Arms Race with Ramsey Clark, United States Attorney General
Immigration and Refugees: We Need a National Policy Now! by Father Theodore Hesburgh, President of Notre Dame
Implications of Interspecies Communications with Harvey Sarles and Gerald Sieger
International Tourism: Boon or Bane for Developing Nations with Edward Will of Carleton College
Interview with Donald Mount, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency's Water Quality Laboratory in Duluth
Introduction: Is God on the Side of the Poor? with Jose Porfirio Miranda [2/2]
Isaac Singer
Is God on the Side of the Poor? with Jose Porfirio Miranda [1/2]
Issues involved in feeding the world's four and a half billion people with Jack Nelson and Norman Borlaug
Japanese Industrial Policy
Jehan Sadat, widow of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat speaking about "Peace in the Middle East" at the University of Minnesota
Jerry Hagstrom, author
John Brantner, conference on families, keynote
John Kenneth Galbraith speaks at the 100th Anniversary of the St. Paul Public Library
Kolshorn Memorial Lecture with Stewart Udall
Labyrinths of Power with Mulford Q. Sibley
Labyrinths of Time with Roger Jones
Lawrence Reddick speaking about Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lecture by former Secretary of State Alexander Haig [1/2]
Maggie Kuhn and John Brantner, "The Sickness of Ageism
Malcolm X, Revolutionary Fighter with August Nimtz, professor of African American history
Military Force and United States National Security [1/2]
Military Force and United States National Security [2/2]
Minnesota Agricultural and Agribusiness by Dr. G. Edward Schuh, Professor and Head, Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics
Minnesota's People
Mulford Q. Sibley, Political Responses to Poverty
New Conservative Movement and the 1980 Election with Seymour Martin Lipset
Nikos Dimitriou, Ambassador of Cyprus to the United States
Nils Hasselmo inauguration, tape 1
Nils Hasselmo inauguration, tape 2
Nils Hasselmo inauguration, tape 3
Nobel Conference, The Limitations of Medicine as a Science by Lewis Thomas
Northern Ireland Today with James Prior
Patriotism and the Left: Toward an American Identity by Harry Boyte
Paul McCracken, "Can the United States Regain Its Capacity for Orderly Economic Expansion?"
Personal Labyrinths with John Brantner
Poland and Minnesotans with speakers John Scanlon, Chris Burkhardt, and Leonard Jankowski
Politics and the University with Seymour Martin Lipset
Power Plays: How To Deal Like a Lawyer, with John M. Striker, lawyer; and Andrew O Shapiro, author
President C. Peter McGrath speaks with international students from Africa
Press and Privacy with Professor Arthur Miller, Harvard Law School
Racism and its Psychological Effects with Dr. Alvin Poussant
Richard Leaky, The Origins of Man
Robert Jay Lifton, "Beyond Nuclear Illusion: The Turn Toward Awareness
Rosemary Sarri, Juvenile Justice Reform
Science and the Law: The Misunderstood Alliance by Lee Loevinger
Self-Concept with Ray McGee
Senate Debate with Dave Durenberger, Helm, and Short
Sisseton Wahpeton claims, interview by Andy Marlow
Sovereignty and Indian Leadership with Oren Lyons and Ada Deer
Surviving the 80s with speaker Richard J. Barnett
The Bretheren in the 1980s with Scott Armstrong
The Challenge of Ethics on the Market Place with Ivan Hill and Sidney Hyman
The Challenger Spacecraft Explosion
The Changing Genetic Scene with V. Elving Anderson
The Death Penalty with Delbert Tibbs, former death row inmate
The Defense of America with speaker John Vessey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
The Encouragement of Unfashionable Pursuits by Freeman Dyson
The Ethics of Presumed Consent with Arthur L. Caplan and panel