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Youth in the 1980s with four college student speakers
Would Vouchers Improve Our Schools? with speakers Richard Green, Ralph Lieber, and Francis Scholtz
World Trade with speakers Orville Freeman, Al Quie, and Harold Stassen
Workforce with speakers Rick Scott and Sam Walz
Worker's Compensation with speakers Steve Keith and C. Arthur Williams Jr.
Workers Compensation with speakers Dan Gustefson and Winston Borden
Will Savings Accounts for Everyone Save the Nation? with speaker Edwin C. Pemmerening
Will Risk Sharing Solve Minnesota's Fiscal Problems? with speakers John D. Tomlinson and William Schreiber
Will Intercollegiate Sports Survive?" with speaker Paul Giel
William Ruckelshaus
Will Farming Be Profitable Again? with speakers Cy Carpenter, Merlyn Lokensgard, and Philip Raup
Will a Downtown People-Mover Really Help St. Paul? with speakers David Hozza and Frank Hammond
Why No-One Wants to Run with speakers Miller and Ford
Who's Hurting From the Recession? with speakers Diane Aarens, Thomas F. Beech, and Earl Craig
Who Owns the News? with speakers Donald Dwight and John Carmichael
Who Controls our Public Schools, by Mrs. Fred Paul, Minnesota School Board Association, and Financing Public Education by Arthur Naftalin, Commissioner of Administration, State of Minnesota
White House Conference on Aging: A Minnesota Report with speakers Leonard Ramberg and Katherine Sehlin
Where Are Politics Taking Us? Part 2 with speakers Bill Frenzel and George Latimer
Where Are Politics Taking Us? Part 1 with speakers David Durenberger and Don Fraser
What Went Wrong with the Legislative Session? with speakers Nicholas Coleman and Rod Searle
What's the Future of the Minneapolis Star? with speaker Stephen Isaacs
What's the Economic Future of the Minnesota Farmer? with speakers Cy Carpentor and Philip Raup
What Should We Do About Constitutional Offices? with speakers Robert D. Sherran, Arne Carlson, Joan Growe, and Robert Mattson
What Should The Twin Cities Do About Mass Transit? with speakers Larry Dallam and Curt Johnson
What Should the Parties Do? with speakers Arvonne Fraser and Wendell Anderson
What Should Minnesota Do About Energy with speakers Representative John A. Ainley, Bemidji-Park Rapids, and Senator Hubert H. Humphrey III, New Hope
What Kind of Tax Cut? with speakers Senators Bill McCutcheneon and Robert Searles
What is the Proper Role of the Minneapolis City Coordinator? with speaker David Nicholas
What is the Proper Role of Religion in Public Affairs? with speakers John R. Roche, Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis and Calvin W. Didier, National President of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
What Hath the Legislature Wrought? with speakers Win Borden and David Roe
What Caused Minnesota's Fiscal Crunch? Who's Responsible? with speakers Mike Hatch and Vern Neppel
What Can We Expect from the New Congress? with speakers Tom Hagedoin and Martin Sabo
What Can We Do With Our Hazardous Waste? with speakers Robert G. Dunn and Dee Long
Welfare with speakers Kenny and Johnson
Water: Is Minnesota Protecting Its Precious Resource? with speakers Richard Gray, Richard S. Hanson, and Thomas Kalitowski
Walter Mondale on Post-Vice Presidency and Consideration for Running for Presidency
Views on the New Challenge with speaker Senator Rudy Boschwitz
United States Media with speakers Noam Chomsky and Kate Stanley
United States Intelligence with speaker Dave Durenberger
United States and the World: Economic Rivals or Partners? with speakers Anne Krueger and Walter Heller
United States and Soviet Amity with speaker Donald McHenry
United Nations with speaker Andrew Young
Twin Cities Airports with speaker Ray Glumack of the Metropolitan Airports Commission
Transportation Amendments with speakers Robert Pross, Richard Braun, and Robert Tennesen
Trade with China with speaker Han Xu
Tourism with speakers Johnson, Hewes, and Simonson
To Bus or Not to Bus? with speakers Ralph Crowder and Sam Richardson
Thrift Institutions with speakers Michael Pint and E. Gerald Corrigan
Thoughts on Leaving with speakers C. Peter Magrath and Diane Skomars
The Views from the United Nations with speakers Jeane Kirkpatrick and Harlan Cleveland
The View from the Senate with speakers State Senator Robert O. Ashbach, St. Paul, Minority Leader, and Nicholas D. Coleman, St. Paul, Majority Leader
The University of Minnesota's Constitutional Independence, Budget, and Educational Opportunities with speaker C. Peter MacGrath
The United States and Canada Relationship with speaker Alan Gotlieb
The Supreme Court in Transition with speakers Douglas Amdahl and Robert Sheran
The State's Money Problems: Is There A Way Out? with speaker Governor Al Quie
The State of the State with speaker Governor Al Quie
The Role of Religion, part 2 with speakers John R. Roach and Calvin W. Didier
The Reagan Program: How Will it Affect the Minnesota Farmer? with speakers Cy Carpenter, Rudy Boschwitz, and Merlyn Lokensgard
The Reagan Program: How Will it Affect Health Care in Minnesota? with speakers David Durenberger, Teddy Lapaco, and Nancy Olson
The Precinct Caucuses: What Will They Tell Us? with speakers Mary Monahan and Leon Distad
"The Precinct Caucuses: A Post Mortem," with speakers Forrest Harris and Robert Brown
The Minnesota Legislature with speakers Representative John Brandel, Democratic Farmer Labor party, and Senator James Enland, Independent Republican
The Merit Principle and State Government with speakers Bob Currie and Barbara Sundquist
The Iron Range: What Kind of Future? with speakers Al France, John Borchert, and Eldon Kirsch
The Independent Sector - Can It Meet the Challenge? with speakers Vern Johnson, Russell E. Wald, Gleason Glover, and Brian O'Connell
The Humphrey Institute Looks Ahead with speaker Harlan Cleveland
The Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB) Proposal with speakers Philip Helland, Clyde Ingle and Mary Phillips
The Government and the Family with speakers Wayne Olthoff and Esther Wattenberg
The Exploding Metropolis with Arthur Naftalin
The Curriculum: What and How are Minnesota Schools Teaching and What Changes Should They Consider? with speakers Judy Cooper, Margaret O'Shaughnessy, and Floyd Keller
The Consequences of Nuclear War with speaker Helen Caldicott
The Case for Nuclear Energy with speaker Alfred Nier
The Case Against Nuclear Power with speaker Dean Abrahamson
Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem
Teachers' Right to Strike: Have We Gone Too Far? with speakers Lewis Finch and Don Hill
Tax Reform with speakers Walter Heller and Stern
Tax or Cut with speakers Roger Moe and James Ulland
Tax Increment Financing: Boon or Bane? with speakers James Holmes and Marv Hanson
Tax Future with speaker George Latimer
Tax Disparities Program with speakers Lindan and Weaver
Tax Cut? with speakers Schrieber and Tomlinson
Tax Bill with speakers Harry Sieben and David Jennings
Surplus of State Funds with speaker Gerold Christianson
St. Paul Schools with speaker David Bennett
St. Paul Race for Mayor with speakers George Latimer and Mike Fritz
State Tax Cut with speakers Donhowe, Johnson, and Schreiber
State Spending
State Highways and Bridges: The Budget Problem with speaker Jim Harrington
Star and Tribune: Recapturing the Old Glory? with speakers Roger Parkinson and Joel Kramer
Speakers Earl Craig and Gerald Bridgeman discuss "How Can We Improve Police Work?"
Speaker Ed Dirtswacker discusses welfare and medicaid
Space with speakers Frank Barnaby, Harold Stassen, and Schweickhart
Small Business with speakers Bystrom, Erdman, and Little
Skyrocketing Real Estate Values with speaker Walter C. Nelson
Should the University Faculty Support Collective Bargaining? with speakers George D. Green, Sam Popper, and Phil Schibley
Should the State Notify Parents in Matters of Sex? with speakers Joseph Niehaus and Rudy Perpich
Should the Minnesota Bar Establish Boards of Special Competency? with speakers David Brink and Stephen Rolfsrud
Should Political Use of Television Be Restricted? with speakers George H. Gruenwald and D.J. Leary
Should Minnesota Support a Human Life Amendment? with speakers Katherine Taylor and David O'Steen
Should Minnesota Join the Call for a Constitutional Convention? with speakers Kenneth McDonald and Mike Sieben