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Zones of aquatic vegetation
Zonation of Picea engelmanni and Salix pseudolapponum (Salix glauca)
Zonation of floating bog
Zonal distribution on the border of a meadow, Hordeum in the foreground
Zonal distribution of sand shore vegetation
Zonal arrangement of algae in Friendly Cove
Zizia in a Minnesota lake
Zizia cordata
Zizia cordata
Zizania with sagitaria in foreground
Zizania palustris (Zizania aquatica)
Zizania palustris (Zizania aquatica)
Zizania aquatica
Zea mays in flower
Zea mays
Zanthoxylum leaf
Yuccca glauca
Yucca in the desert in Southern California
Yucca in flower
Yucca glauca in Billings, Montana
Yucca glauca, cactus, and sage brush in Billings, Montana
Yucca cactus in the desert in Southern California
Yucca arborescens (Yucca brevifolia)
Young Vireos warbling, double exposure
Young Trees on a fallen log by the trail near camp
Young Night Hawks on Rocks where they hatched
Young forest on the North Shore looking west from Palisade Head
Young Bull Moose, near view
Young Bull Moose
Young Blue Heron near nest, sixty feet above the ground
Young Birch Forest at Itasca State Park
Young birches in spring
Young beaver on end of dam near Rice Lake
Young beaver on end of dam near Rice Lake
Yellow Water Lily
Yellowstone Lake and the Fish Cone
Yellow Pond Lily, near view
Yellow Lady Slippers and Ferns
Yellow Lady Slipper, nearer view
Yellow Lady Slipper, large
Yellow Lady Slipper and Ferns
Yellow lady-slipper
Yellow Birch trunk and bark
Yellow Birch trunk and bark