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American Foreign Policy as Seen From Capitol Hill, classroom lecture given in Latin American History
Christian Science Talking Book
Commission Business Meeting; Testimony of Paul Cashman, Vice President for Student Affairs, Donald Zander, Robert Ross, and Lud Spolyar of the Office of Student Affairs, and Claude Chmiel of the University News Service
Donald John Cowling dinner and program at Coffman Memorial Union
Elizabeth Jackson, audio portion of an interview by Arnold Walker, originally broadcast by KTCA on the program "Folio"
Farewell dinner held for Clarence Walton Lillehei during the Green Surgery two-day get-together
Football stadium band music and sound effect with stadium announcer Julius Perlt
General Discussion between Commission members
Impact of Government Policy on the Economy, classroom lecture
Interview with Al LaFontaine
Interview with Charles Ackley
Interview with Dan Raincloud and Louis Stately
Interview with Ed Wilson
Interview with George Fairbanks
Interview with John Pemberton, Jr.
Interview with LaVoy
Interview with Louis Stately and John F. Smith
Josie R. Johnson, "What's ahead for the University?"
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Dedication
Morrill Hall Investigating Commission hearings