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A Group of Thibet Tartars.
A Guard of the Rajah of Putteeala and Two of his Dwarfs.
A Hindoo Fakeer
A Little Mussulman Girl.
Annan Messee, a Converted Hindoo.
Attendants on [sic.] the Raja Khurruk Singh.
A Young Hill Raja.
A Young Native of Rank at Calcutta; One of the Students of the Hindu College.
A Zemindar or Farmer of the Upper Provinces and a Puthan, a Famous Wrestler.
Cheetas sent by the King of Oude to accompany the Governor General.
Dedar Khan: Jemadar or Head Servant; Government House, Calcutta.
Dhulloo: Jemedar or Head Servant; Government House, Calcutta.
Dost Mahomed Khan and Part of his Family: Hyder Khan, Governor of Ghuznee; Dost Mahomed Khan; Mahomed Akram Khan; Ab
Fakeer attached to the suite of the Governor General in camp.
Horse and Jewels of Runjeet Singh.
Lord Auckland receiving the Rajah of Nahun in Durbar in his tent.
Purtaub Singh
Raja Heera Singh
Runjeet Singh