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A Bania in Ceremony dress
A Bazar scene
A Beggar woman and children, Bombay
A Bullock Bandy, Ceylon.
A bullock Shigram
A Coconut Tape [?], Madras
A Fakir or Mendicant Priest, Bombay
A family group of Parsis, Bombay
A Gate of Amber Palace
A Gipsy [Gypsy] Dancing girl, Kathiawar
A Happy Mother
A Hindoo woman, Parbu caste, Bombay
A Kandian Lady
Akbar's tomb, Secundra [Sikandra]
Ala-ood-Deen's [ud-din] Gateway, Kutub [Qutub] Minar, Delhi
Amber City, No. 1
Amber City, No.2
A Native Barber
An Indian Hut
An up-country woman