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A Preacher expounding the Poorans: In the Temple of Unn Poorna, Benares.
A Thakoor Dwaree: Interior of Lata Kashmeeree Mul's House, Benares.
Benares: A Brahmin placing a Garland on the holiest Spot in the sacred City.
Benares from the Mundakinee Tulao.
B,hurut [sic.] Melao.
Boorwa Mungul Festival, at Benares.
Bruhma Ghat: Benares.
Dusaswumed,h [sic.] Ghat, Benares.
Elevation of a Hindoo Temple.
Elevation of the Temple of Vishveshvur at Benares.
Eve of an Eclipse of the Moon, 25th November 1825.
Ghoosla Ghat, Benares.
Kupuldhara Tulao, Benares.
Lal Shah's Tomb and Ghazimeea ke Durgah, near Benares.
Madhoray Ghat and the Minarets at Benares.
Munikurnika Ghat, Benares, from the river.
Musjid near Raj Ghat, Benares.
Old projecting balcony at the Man Mundil or Observatory, Benares.
Plan of the Ancient Temple of Vishveshvur.