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Abdool Kureem Shirazee
A Priest of the Jain Sect.
Arab Soldiers; In the pay of the Rao of Cutch.
A Seyed Mercenary Soldier; In the pay of the Rao of Cutch.
A Sketch of Cutch, the Runn, and Countries Adjacent.
Barvajee; A Grassia Chieftan of the Province of Cutch.
Durbar Horseman, In the service and pay of the Rao of Cutch.
Fac-Similie of an Allegorical Painting; Representing the amicable meeting of the two Rajahs in the Hall of the Briti
French Tower near Surat.
Hadjie Ahmed Borah (from life)
Hindustan Sepoy in his Native Costume.
His Highness the Rao of Cutch.
Native Pedlars [sic.] (from life)
Parbutti Dhobun (from life)
Parsee Lady (from life)
Sheik Khoob (from life)
The Fort; Surat.
Toddy Tree
Vindia Purdasi, (Mangoe Seller, from life).