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Plate, Calycanthus
Plate, Canna
Plate, Clematis--Rubro Violacea
Plate, Concord (Grapes)
Plate, Cut Leaved Weeping Birch
Plate, European Larch
Plate, Imperial Cut Leaved Alder
Plate, Kilmarnock Weeping Willow--Caprea Pendula
Plate, Lancifolium Lily, Rubrum
Plate, Lilac--Persian
Plate, Lilium Candidum
Plate, Martha (Grapes)
Plate, Purple Fringe (Tree)
Plate, Purple Leaved Beech
Plate, Spirea Reevesii
Plate, Tulip Tree
Plate, Wilder--Rogers' No. 4 (Grape)