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William G. Purcell Alexander Brothers business card
Which belt would you choose to transmit your power? : a pulley-slip or a rim-grip belt?
Where you want it - when you want it
What is a customer : a customer is a permanent prospect. . .
We offer this chart as proof. . .
We are just as proud of the kind of people who use Alexander Leather as we are of the stuff itself
Walker Exhibit
Vilken rem foredrager Ni for Edert behov?
Van - on Plywood
Van - on Plywood
University Idea
University Idea
Treasured in the hills as coal and water. . . : Alexander
Town Hall project
The year 1919 at a glance : : make it clean quality, trouble free
The oil cups know it's an : Alexander
The nation has selected its men and materials with experienced judgment. . . : Alexander Brothers : Philadelphia
The International Trade Mark
The International Idea
The high mark on leather : Alexander Brothers, Philadelphia