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Alberta, North Saskatchewan River valley
Map indicating main automobile roads between Canada and United States
Map of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta : edition showing tree distribution up to Dec. 31, 1909
Map of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta : showing the number of vacant quarter sections in each township
Map of the country between Lakes Superior and Winnipeg, from latest surveys and explorations
Map of the Dominion of Canada
Map of the province of Manitoba and part of the North-west Territories of Canada : shewing dominion land surveys to December 31st, 1884
Map of Yoho Park
Map shewing mounted police stations & patrols throughout the North-West Territories, during the year 1888 : also boundaries of the Indian treaties and location of Indian reserves
Nova Scotia, Cape Breton sheet : Inverness, Victoria, Cape Breton and Richmond and portions of Antigonish and Guysborough Counties